Kholo Kardashian has confirmed that the viral theory was accidentally made in Photoshop

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Khloé Kardashian is coming clear about some photos of her children.

The reality star was forced to admit that the True Pictures of Chicago and Disneyland were actually Photoshop.

Kim Kardashian shared pictures of the kids on Instagram in October 2021.

They seem to feature two children photographing different rides and locations at the iconic theme park.

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Internet sleuths suspected the photos were of Doctor, however, when they compared True’s picture quality with Chicago’s and examined the shadows in the pictures. In fact, for some reason, Stormy’s body was photoshopped.

TikTok user Myachondrialmembrane popularized the theory in a now-viral post where he mentioned that the image was posted shortly before Travis Scott’s return to social media. He called it a “calculated” move to focus on the rapper’s post.


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The speculation has been going on for months until a new picture of the Disneyland tour with Khulo on his birthday was released. In the Instagram story, he wrote that this is True’s first time at Disneyland.

Social media users highlighted this contrast with the October photos.

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The reality star happily replied, “Wellppop I f-cad it. Anyway… .. let’s focus on something else 😂 our show will air in a few days 🤣 ”.

Although the truth may be revealed, the users did not seem so crazy and most were fascinated by the strange move.

“It’s a bad one-step 🤣😂🤣🤣 I’m not crazy about it,” wrote one fan, another commented, “lmfao that’s why I love you @khloekardashian ♥ ️ ♥ ️ ️”.

“The Kardashians” will premiere April 14 in Hulu.

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