Kholo Kardashian responds by saying he is much more truthful: ‘Concerned about you

By Jamie Samhan.

1 minute ago

The Kardashians came out in full force, including the youngest members of the growing family, during the “The Kardashians” premiere on Thursday.

Khloe Kardashian brought her daughter True, 3, with her when she grabbed him on the red carpet.

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While some people may not realize how intelligent the two were, others who do not have children of their own condemn on social media for carrying Truck and claim that he is old enough to carry.

Kholo has hit back at haters on Twitter.

“For those who comment that I hold on to the truth too much … No. 1 I’ll hold on to my baby until I can hold on to him anymore,” he said.

Added, “Number 2 when there are lots of cameras around, flashing lights, Peps screaming things… I want my baby to feel safe. Think of your own children. We’re good here. “

The event was a family affair attended by Courtney Kardashian’s son Raine, fianc Travis Barker and his three children Landon and Alabama Barker and Atiana de la Hoya. Courtney’s ex-Scott Disk also walked the red carpet with new girlfriend Rebecca Donaldson.

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Additionally, Pete Davidson marked his first public event with girlfriend Kim Kardashian.

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