Kim Kardashian and her daughter Chicago The Art of the Pout and Perfect

Kim Kardashian Her daughter, Chicago, has been criticized for doing things she does, such as making pouts and making peace signs.

On Tuesday, the 41-year-old shared lots of photos and videos from his trip to Disneyland with his four-year-old daughter.
Khloe and her daughter True, as well as their brother Rob’s daughter Dream, were with Kim and Chicago when they went to Disneyland with them. They were there to celebrate Tru’s fourth birthday.

As Chicago and Dream looked around in their carts, the SKIMS founder illustrated them.

Kim’s job was to get Chicago’s attention. “Chi Chi,” he said. The little boy looked at the camera and flashed a sign of peace as soon as he heard it.

Joke: “Who said I’m taking pictures? I’m not taking pictures.”
Another time, Kim took a picture of herself, Chicago and Dream sitting on a dumbo ride together.

Before signing the peace, he said, “Girls, say hi!” And the kids did the same thing.

In this video, Kim looks like a Kardashian Reddit fan thread, lowering the peace mark and duck lips to other people.

In the now-deleted comment, a fan asked, “Why is Kim letting Chicago do that pose now?” Another just said, “Oh, oh.”
Along with Connie West, Kim has four children between the ages of 8 and 2. The answer is the oldest. St. age 6, Chicago age 4, and Sam, 2, all with Kim’s ex.

Earlier, Kani said that reality stars do not do well to take care of their children.

Earlier this year when she let North wear make-up and use TikTok, she called him a bad mom because she thought it was bad.

A fight erupted at Christmas when Rudolf gave himself a holiday makeover to look like The Red-nosed Reindeer and The Grinch.

People at Hollywood Unlocked told me: “TickTock is not the place for my daughter to wear lipstick. If I’m not there, don’t keep her ticket at all.

“It was done without my knowledge, and it happened again, so I think it was biting the bear, trying to make me angry or creating this” crazy “story about me.”

“Someone is saying I’m crazy, they’re trying to take away my power and do something to keep people from paying attention to me.”

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