Kim Kardashian reveals why she read for Pete Davidson and what she enjoys doing

By Rachel McRady‍,

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Although they may seem like an unlikely pairing, Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are enjoying their time together. While promoting his family’s upcoming Hulu reality series, “The Kardashians”, Lauren Zimmer, a 41-year-old reality star, talks about her fascination with the 28-year-old “Saturday Night Live” comedian and what it was like to live together.

“He’s just super genuine, and it’s just fun to hang out and watch TV and do nothing after doing nothing,” he shared with ET. “My favorite thing is to find someone who can do nothing. That’s the best.”

The mother of four values ​​the level of comfort in their relationship, noting that not all relationships are like that.

“We just like the job of running,” he says. “You can be confused with people, but you can’t be with anyone and do nothing.”

For Kim’s mother, Chris Jenner, she is a fan of her daughter’s rising romance with Pete. “I love that he’s kind and thoughtful,” she told ET. “She is the most thoughtful person, and I like the chemistry between Kim and her. It’s sweet. “

Although Pitt will not be appearing on camera during the family’s new series, Kim has already promised to share details of her new romance on the show.

“I am certainly open to talk, and I will explain it clearly,” Kim shared one last month Diversity Interviews about the new series, mentioning that the show will show “how we met and who reached out to whom and how it happened and all the details that everyone wants to know.”

“The Kardashians” premieres in Hulu on Thursday 14 April.

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