Lady Gaga Doug Walker shooting suspect released from custody

By Miguel A. Melendez‍,

2 minutes ago

A man on suspicion of involvement in the shooting and robbery of Lady Gaga’s dog Walker has been mistakenly released from prison and authorities are now searching for him.

In a statement to ET, a spokesman for the LA County Sheriff’s Department said the department was investigating the inadvertent release of James Howard Jackson from custody. The spokesman added, “Mr. Jackson was in custody for attempting to kill Lady Gaga’s dog Walker and for attempting to kill the singer on February 25, 2021 in connection with the theft of two French bulldogs. “

In addition, the spokesman said Jackson, who appeared in court on Tuesday, was released from custody Wednesday “because of a clerical error.”

As for the clerical error in question, a spokesman for the LA County District Attorney’s Office told ET: Jackson was charged in a removal charge filed in court under a new case number. The The old case was then dismissed by the judge as required by law.

A spokesman for the department said its main crime bureau was “actively working to bring Mr. Jackson back into custody.” The department also released a booking photo of Jackson, which shows a recognizable tattoo on his neck.

In a statement posted on her Instagram account, Lady Gaga Dog Pedestrian and friend Ryan Fisher said she was “deeply concerned” about Jackson’s release and that “trusted law enforcement will correct the error.” Fisher asked Jackson to “return himself to the authorities, so the resolution of the crime against me went his way.”

Jackson was among five suspects arrested about a year ago in a case that described LA County District Attorney George Gascon as a “shameless street crime.” On February 24, 2021, the singer’s three dogs were arrested two months after Fisher was shot while walking. Her dog, Asia, managed to escape and was later rescued by police, while her other two dogs, Gustav and Kozi, killed the dog at the scene.

Fisher was hospitalized and spent several days in the ICU before being released in late March. He needed surgery to repair his lungs, which were badly damaged during the shooting. In an interview with “CBS Morning” Gayle King, Fisher recalls that horrific event.

“It was a serious one-shot,” he said. “And when I went back, because I had to go back to the hospital for surgery because of my broken lung, the ER I saw that night told me they didn’t think I was alive that night,” he said. “And I felt it, because I was so awake, when they were working on me that night. But just listening to them, it was, it makes it more real.”

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