Leaked Thor 4: Profit and Thunder reveals the plot moment

Thor: Love and Thunder Recently broke a very disturbing record: it now ranks first in the shortest time between the first teaser trailer and the premiere of the project.

Marvel fans have already started to go. However, they recently got a picture of the upcoming line of action figures based on the upcoming picture. The images give viewers a fresh perspective on God the Slayer, Thor, Star-Lord and Jane Foster. In addition, there is a description of the plot behind the toy.

Marvel Legends warns of a “dangerous new guest” behind the box who “threatens New Asgard’s life” and calls Valkiri for action:

When a dangerous new guest threatens the life of the new guard, Valkiri Rani is forced to raise her sword again to protect her people.

The “guest” teasing of the narrative is undoubtedly played by Gore, Christian Bell. After all, he’s the main opponent of the comic book, so the New Asgard attack fits that role.

This teaser coincides with a previously leaked LEGO set called “Battle for New Asgard”. In front of the box, Thor and Jane Foster are seen fighting Gore. Oddly enough, there is no goodness in the photo.

But why would Gore attack New Asgard? After all, his strategy is to kill the gods in particular. Could the attack on their new home be an accident? Maybe Thor was there when Gore followed him, accidentally attacking the whole village.

Thor : There is love and lightning Scheduled for release on July 8, 2022.

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