Liev celebrates Passover by cooking ‘900 kg biscuits’ for Schreiber

By Corey Atad.

49 seconds ago

That’s a lot of biscuits.

On Thursday, just before the Passover Jewish holiday, actor Liv Schreiber shared a video from Poland, where he helps cook a feast for Ukrainian refugees who have fled to neighboring countries.

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“In honor of the passover, we’re going to cook 900kg of biscuits,” he announced, doing so with the help of chefs Mark Murphy and S. Liechtenstein.

“Many thanks to everyone who donated,” Schreiber added. “Please, donate if you can.”

In his own feed, Liechtenstein shared videos of all the brisket carried wheels in the kitchen.

“I hope they enjoy it,” the chef said.

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Schreiber, Murphy and Liechtenstein are all working with Jose Andres’ World Central Kitchen to help refugees from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The “Ray Donovan” star began cooking with the company on Monday, making enough borscht to serve 1,500 people.

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