Lil Nass sings about losing at the X Grammy Awards

By Jamie Samhan.

4 minutes ago

Lil Nass X did quite well at the 2022 Grammy Awards but unfortunately left empty handed.

The “Industry Baby” rapper was up for five awards and received a ridiculous take on loss.

Lil Nass X sang on social media, “I couldn’t win any Grammy / 0 for 5 Grammys.”

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Lil Nass also joked, “I can’t believe I’ve lost all my Grammy. I’m not gay anymore!

He later followed it up, saying that his and Jack Harlow’s performances were still his “favorites.”

“Last night was still my favorite performance. And a fun night in general. We’ve lost all of our Grammys but that means it’s time to dump her! I love everyone, ”he tweeted.

Lil Nass has won two Grammy Awards in 2020 for Best Pop Duo / Group Performance before X and Best Music Video for “Old Town Road”.

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Some of his Sunday nominations include Record of the Year, Best Song of the Year and Best Music Video for “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)”.

Phoebe Bridgers also seems to agree with Lil Nasser’s disappointment that Megan Thi didn’t win any of her four nominations, including Stallion’s Best New Artist.

“Stop counting,” he tweeted. Adding, “JK Megan, you’re a fucking legend.”

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