Lil Nass slammed the conservative commentator after X-Grammys criticism

By Jamie Samhan.

1 minute ago

Lil Nass X knows how conservatives work.

The artist began her 2022 Grammy performance by playing a commentary clip in her steamy “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” music video. Apparently teasing “pearl clutching” moves he will perform.

“Lil NAS has a big problem (and so does America) – throw yourself NAS. You little fool with zero talent !!!! “Greg Kelly tweeted.

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Lil Nas X stepped back and said, “Damn Greg, I was wearing a crop top this time. “

Kelly continued to say that it was “public obscenity” that bothered him. “Singing and dancing but no public self groping. Decent! ”

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Admitting that Lil Nass X is talented, he seems to have fallen a bit behind then.

“I did not like the performance. This should not have happened on prime time television. But, I can’t deny that you have talent. And it is not good to call someone a fool! You call me ‘good natured’. Good luck NP, continued success, take it a step further next year, ”Kelly added.

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