Lizzo in new ‘Damn Time’ music video ‘Ways to Fine for Being Stressed’

By Jamie Samhan.

1 minute ago

Don’t let Lizo get anxious about her in the new music video for “About Dam Time”.

The disco-inspired video shows the rapper attending a stressful and sexy meeting before singing and dancing.

“I was down and under pressure / the way to fine for being under this pressure,” Lizo sang.

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Lizo.  Photo: Warner Music
Lizo. Photo: Warner Music
Lizo.  Photo: Warner Music
Lizo. Photo: Warner Music

Lizo will be hosting and hosting a musical guest on April 16 at Global’s “Saturday Night Live” where she will be performing “Out Damn Time” for the first time.

Lizo talks about the single with ET Canada that she had “Epiphany” at the time of writing the song. “I only want songs that have a frequency of love,” he told Cheryl Hickey.

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He further revealed that he was “extremely ill” the last time he performed on “SNL” so he “could not really enjoy it.”

“I’m really excited to be performing again,” Lijo said. “Now I can really live in it, show the world what I’ve got.”

“About Damn Time” is out of his upcoming album, SpecialJuly 15 out.

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