Logan Paul defeated Ray Mysterio in a WrestleMania 38 tag team match

By Brent Fordick.

2 minutes ago

Logan Paul and tag-team partner The Miss WrestleMania 38 won, defeating WWE legend Ray Mysterio and son Dominic Mysterio in a high-powered match during Saturday’s Pro Wrestling Extravaganza.

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If anyone has tailor-made to be WWE Heels, it is Paul, who has created a lavish entrance wearing the world’s most expensive Pokemon card, which was distributed as a medallion.

As CBS Sports noted, Paul has demonstrated his wrestling prowess by sharing WWE videos on Twitter, such as Suplex and Blockbuster.

Despite Paul’s wrestling prowess, he did not appear unharmed.

After winning the match, though, Paul held his partner’s hand high to win, The Miz turned the table with a surprise move, hitting Paul’s face on the canvas – perhaps setting a new precedent for future WWE events.

After the match, Paul shared his impressions – and a four-letter message about his tag-team partner’s betrayal.

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