Magic Johnson says he wanted to ‘hit’ Howard Stern after his comments about the race

By Sarah Quran.

47 minutes ago

Magic Johnson reflects on a 1998 interview with Howard Stern.

The basketball legend sits on it with the comedian Short talk show, “The Magic Hour”.

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“Shore needs some work … you have to stop trying to talk like a white man,” Stern said during their conversation. “Everyone’s anti-ebony, I say let it fly. I think this show should be relaxed and you want to talk to Ebonyx. “

In a later interview, Stern made additional offensive and inappropriate remarks about Johnson’s sex life.

“At least you had fun getting AIDS,” he said.

“Now look, first of all, let’s get something straight, HIV. And no one makes fun of getting HIV, “Johnson replied.

“Believe me, brother, you did. It sounds funny to me, “said Stern.

Johnson addressed the incident in a new interview Diversity.

“I wanted to say something and at the same time hit him – in the air,” he recalled. “I went crazy when they booked him, but you can’t do anything. That’s what happens when people look for ratings. “

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He added, “I never put myself – or HIV and AIDS, or my race – in that position again, never again.”

Johnson has not spoken to Stern since the incident.

“They Call Me Magic” will premiere on April 22 on Apple TV +.

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