Mark Wahlberg says he will bring Mark Mark back to the bottom right

By Corey Atad.

3 minutes ago

We may not have seen the end of the funky bunch.

On Tuesday, “Father Stew” star Mark Wahlberg was on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and the host asked if he would ever consider bringing back Mark, his 90s rap personality.

“Yes, in the right circumstances,” the actor says, to cheer from the audience.

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Looking at an old photo of himself as a shirtless Mark in a basketball game, showing off his pants and his underwear, Wahlberg says, “Well I don’t know that far. But in the right circumstances, yes, and for the right reason.”

He agrees that he will bring the character back “absolutely” for the right charity event.

Asked if he would remember all of his old songs, Wahlberg said, “All my songs? No. Absolutely not. “

He then admits that he probably knew all the songs from “Good Vibration” because he did it so many times and with the rest, he had to rehearse for a lot of movies, if he was given a few days to rehearse, he would probably get it all back. Could.

“I need to hear and feel it,” he said, before Mark agreed to partner with Ellen at some point in the future to bring Mark back for a worthy cause.

Wahlberg then reveals that his kids only saw him acting as Marquee Mark in the old videos and each time “they are disappointed”.

Also on the show, DeGeneres answers Wahlberg’s series of quick fire questions for the last time on the show, including his role in the 90’s classic “Boogie Nights.”

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“Is it true that you still have the prosthetics you wore at Boogie Nights?” He asks, referring to the infamous large fake penis that appears at the end of the film.

“Yeah,” Wahlberg tells him, “it’s a safe, locked one. It’s not something I can give up so my kids are looking for extra phone charges and get that thing out.”

Asked if his kids had seen the movie about the rise and fall of a young man in the 70s porn industry, the actor said, “I think I have a daughter, but she hasn’t talked to me yet, thank God. He is releasing me. “

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