Marriage of Robert Wagner and Jill St. John: Relationship details

Robert Wagner I wake up every morning feeling lucky. Outside his window in Aspen, the sun shines on Elk Mountain in golden light, and he often sees elk, deer and foxes roaming his forests. “As Jill says: ‘There are a lot of front row seats, and we’re lucky to have one,'” he said.

Robert, 92, whose friends call him RJ, is very grateful for the presence of his wife, the ex-Bond girl. Jill St. John, 81. The pair were married in 1990, but their friendship dates back to the 1960s when they were spotted as young actors at Fox Studios. Although their love affair was terribly heartbreaking, their marriage remained the happiest in Hollywood. “It’s a clich, but their love must stand the test of time,” said a friend.

Marriage of Robert Wagner and Jill St. John: Relationship details
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Jill, who starred in the uncomfortable sexpot Tiffany case opposite Shawn Connery’s James Bond in 1971. Diamonds are forever, An LA native who began his professional acting life as a child. Afterwards, he took dance classes at the Panif Ballet Center, where his classmates included RJ’s future wife Natalie Wood and her Heart to heart Co-star Stephanie Powers. “The three of us were very friendly,” says Jill, who recalls feeling jealous when she saw Natalie’s gold ballet slippers. “They were never best friends,” one friend explained, “but they respected each other.”

Detroit-born RJ, meanwhile, is one of the last classic leading men of the studio era. He made his big screen debut at the age of 20 and reached the Hollywood A-list in 1952 as a soldier with PTSD. With a song in my heart. Two films with Jill in the late 1960s are among his more than 150 acting achievements. “After they worked together, they were friendly,” Paul said.

However, Jill heard of Natalie Wood’s accidental sinking off the coast of Catalina in November 1981. “With the rest of the world, he was saddened by this sad news,” the friend says. “He went ahead and sent Robert a nice note and a flower.”

Two months later, RJ and Jill met at a dinner party hosted by a mutual friend. She sympathized with RJ’s show as she lost her ex-husband, race car driver and Ulworth’s heir Lance Reventlock in a devastating 1972 plane crash. “Most of the lance was with me,” Jill said. “We were friends as long as he lived.”

Marriage of Robert Wagner and Jill St. John: Relationship details
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After a lucky meeting between RJ and Jill, they stay in touch and finally start dating. “They both found comfort in each other,” says the friend. In the midst of the media storm surrounding Natalie’s death, RJ is grateful to be with someone she can trust. In 1982, Jill said, “I’ve befriended some really great men, and I believe one of the things they like about me is that I never talk about them.” Home in LA.

Although this was the fourth time for both RJ and Jill, their 32-year marriage was the longest in their lives. Jill, who never had children, helped raise Robert’s daughters. Courtney was 7 years old when her mother Natalie died; His honest sister Katie WagnerThen 17, and Natasha Gregson, Then 11, was also reling from damage. Jill said in 1982, “I can blend in nicely with RJ’s kids.”

Although Robert’s career was more active, he and Jill also collaborated on work, as well as starring in several films as well as the famous “Yada Yada” episode. Seinfeld. Prior to the epidemic, Jill still traveled to LA with RJ so he could film in a recurring role of Anthony Dinozzo Sr. NCIS.

Since 2007, the couple have made their 7.5-acre estate in Aspen their year-round home. “I can’t imagine living anywhere else. Being in nature like this is a blessing, ”said Jill, who first settled in Colorado in the 1970s. “I really feel that being immersed in nature in this way prolongs your life.”

Of course, the tragedy of Natalie’s death is not forgotten. “It simply came to our notice then. We’ve had some very, very difficult moments, “RJ admits. The reopening of the investigation into Natalie’s death in 2011 caused fresh pain. “They really can’t avoid these questions, not even in Aspen. But there is no place in Wagner’s family to create ridiculous stories and theories about negativity or Natalie, “said a friend.

RJ and Jill don’t focus on the tragedy that befell them. They are grateful for every day for sharing their love. “They have things that couples enjoy with each other. They finish each other’s sentences and quarrel. Jill is just good for Robert, “says the friend, who calls them soul mates.” They are very similar, they respect each other and that is the key to their long lasting relationship. ”

RJ even plans to make his eternal home with Jill in Colorado. “When my time comes, I will be buried in Aspen,” he said. “It is absolutely pure and completely peaceful.”

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