Marriage therapists Johnny Depp and Amber Hard describe the session.

By Shakil Mahjuri.

2 minutes ago

Johnny Depp, a marriage therapist, gives insights into the relationship between Depp and Amber Hard.

Dr. Laurel Anderson was summoned to speak in a Virginia court on the Depp-Hard defamation suit. Anderson discussed the ex-couple’s 21 therapy sessions with him in a video statement played Thursday.

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“He was well-controlled for about 20, 30 years, I don’t know, and both were tortured in their home, but I thought he was well-controlled for decades,” Anderson said. Deadline. “And he was triggered by Mrs. Hard and they were involved in what I saw as mutual abuse.”

Anderson shared a written note from a session with the ex-couple reading, “He hit her. No closed fist. She hits back and starts it out of pride because Dad hit her.”

“She says she comes back proud … A lot of things trigger her. If she’s triggered, she’ll hit him first.”

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Anderson also described what it was like to work in therapy with Depp and Hard. He said Hard had “Jackhammer’s speaking style” and “too wide” and Depp “had trouble speaking at the same speed.” Anderson claims he saw the wound on Hard’s face and in the photo shown to him.

Depp sued Hard after an op-ed in December 2018 The Washington Post Where he apparently accused her of domestic abuse, although he never actually named Depp.

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