Masked thieves David and Victoria enter Beckham’s London mansion

David And Victoria Beckham They were at home when a masked thief broke into their 40 40 million mansion and snatched the designer and electrical goods from the couple.

Soccer Stud, 46, and the former Spice Girls singer, 47, were “unknown” because thieves broke into their upstairs bedroom in west London, a new report released March 30. At the time, David and Victoria were reportedly resting downstairs with daughter Harper.

The couple were at home when masked thieves David and Victoria Beckham enter the London mansion.

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Together, the couple, who have been married for more than two decades, have four children: son Brooklyn, 23, son Romeo, 19, son Cruz, 17 and 10-year-old daughter Harper.

Their son Cruz picked it up after noticing the man lying on the floor in a messy window with shattered glass from an extra bedroom. He apparently discovered the damage back home after a night with friends.

Masked thief David and Victoria Beckham enter the London mansion while the couple was at home 5

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“He immediately ran to wake his father and searched David’s house if the burglar was still on the premises,” a source told The Sun, calling 999 and explaining the search on the premises. “The family was clearly shaken by what happened. It was very disturbing for them to know that the thief had entered the house while they were at home. ”

Although the kipsacks were stolen from the property, “fortunately, none of the family had emotional value,” the insider added.

And unfortunately, they are not the only houses in the neighborhood that have been attacked by robbers Due to the increase in crime, security measures for local residents have become standard.

Masked thieves David and Victoria Beckham enter the London mansion while the couple was at home 6

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“The Beckhams are the victims of some fairly professional thieves who worked in the area,” the insider continued. “It only made up one bedroom before the criminals escaped.”

According to the outlet, CCTV was captured at the time of the theft and is being reviewed for clues.

That said, the footage shows an intruder “climbing through the front gate of the house.” Later, the intruder “slammed into the room and broke through an extra bedroom window.”

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