Mattie Roach VIII ‘Geopardy!’ Games, rack up আরও 14,000 more

Matia Roach defended her title “Joypardi!” As the returning champion, he has won the eighth game in a row again.

Halifax Native won another $ 14,400 USD on Thursday night, again dominating its competitors.

In total, Roach racked up $ 182,801 USD, or $ 230,300 CAD.

According to the daily box score of “Jeopardy!”, Roach answered 93 percent of the attempts correctly in eight games, 217 correct responses and 16 errors.

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He will return to the show on Friday night to compete in his ninth game and defend his title.

In an interview with Global’s “The Morning Show” last week, he said he applied for the show online during the epidemic because he was “annoyed” and wanted to let it go.

“The worst thing that can happen is I can’t hear back, and the best thing is maybe I’ve come to the show, so there’s literally no bad side to taking the test. Then I got the best possible results, “he said.

That best possible outcome – so far – has allowed him to repay his student loan.

After winning his fifth game, the 23-year-old has also secured a place in the next tournament of the Champions.

– With file from Rebecca Lau.

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