Maxim Chomerkovsky returned to Poland to help Ukrainian refugees

Maxim Chamerkovsky After fleeing the country three weeks ago, he returned to Poland to help Ukrainian refugees.

After returning to the United States, The Dance with the stars Pro admitted he was suffering from “remorse for survival” in an interview with CNN.

The 42-year-old dancer admitted after landing in Los Angeles, “I spent the last few days in remorse for the survivor.” “It simply came to our notice then. Maybe next week I’m going to go back to Poland and join the effort on the ground. I want to justify my safety in this way. “

The news was confirmed by his wife, Peta Murgatroyd, who took to her Instagram store last weekend to reveal how much she already misses her husband after a brief return from the war-torn country.

Peta captioned a photo of Chomerkovsky with their 5-year-old son, Shy, captioning, “I miss you already.”

Maxim later went on to share updates on his own Instagram about his status and how he is working to help refugees in a live stream.

“Hello everyone,” he began live. “I’m fine. I’m fine. I’ve spent some time at home. I’ve enjoyed some of that Los Angeles weather. I’ve seen my family, I’ve seen my friends, obviously spent some time. And we’ve worked. We’re working on real opportunities to help. “

DWTS Allam reveals that he and his family started a charity called Baranova 27 for the street where he was born in Odessa, Ukraine.

“My dad and my annoyance, together with the many people we work with all the time, with whom we are just friends and with whom we started our organization, Baranova 27. For those who are following, Baranova 27 is the address where my father, me and Val were born in Odessa, Ukraine, “he said. “So, that’s where sorting has its roots. And we are working hard to make Baranova 27 something that, as it has grown, it can continue to do so. “

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Before signing off his Instagram live session, Chomerkovsky told followers that the crisis in Ukraine was getting worse and asked for their support.

“Right now, we’re getting a little bit hungry, people are getting tired,” he said bluntly. “And this time, I want everyone to understand that it didn’t end or slow down, it got worse in Ukraine.”

“The humanitarian crisis is getting worse. People are suffering more. There were more people injured, and more people were affected, “Max said. “I really, really want you to give yourself a day off. Tune out, go to church, spend time with your family. Do your thing. But please, come back to us and come back to realize that many people still need our help, and we should continue to provide this support, because now that we have shown Ukraine as a world, we can all do it together, and we probably have Keep it up. “

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