Meet her kids and mixed family (keep it up)

He puts “Carlton” on the map, but Alfonso Ribeiro Much more than just moving an iconic dance Fresh Prince of Bell-Air. The sitcom legend is an incredible father of four wonderful children: Siena, Alfonso Jr., Anders and Ava.

The TV personality shared his eldest daughter Siena with his ex-wife, Robin StaplerAnd his three young children with his wife Angela Unchrich. The former couple welcomed Sienna in 2006, but after the breakup the following year, he married Angela in 2012. The Lovebirds extended their family when son Alfonso Jr. was born in 2013, then Anders in 2015 and Ava in 2019.

Alfonso has made parenting his No. 1 priority since becoming a father, but he is raising his children in a way that is a little different from others. Without confining her children to the classroom, d Catch 21 Hosts Siena, Alfonso Jr., Anders and Ava love to travel and teach about the world.

“I think travel is the greatest way to educate your family,” he said exclusively Nearby In 2019. “Yes, you can read things in books, but nothing sticks to your whole life except personal experience.”

The Funny Home Video of America Her love for travel spread while chatting with the star Nearby More recent events in July. Looking back at last year’s coronavirus epidemic, Alfonso said the “best decision” he made was to buy an RV for their family.

“I bought an RV. So even though most of the country was in lockdown, we were able to travel, because in the end, we were at home,” said Dotting. “We weren’t going to a hotel. [RV] And going to the national park. “

So far, the Emmy nominee and his family have visited Grand Canyon, Mesa Verde National Park, Zion, Bryce Canyon, Yellowstone, and more. Reflecting on how he “never thought” to start their adventure without the COVID-19 lockdown, Alfonso said he was grateful because they had “allowed” the time they had spent together. [him] To become a hands-on father. ”

“I think I can spend more time with my family, with the kids. [it] It makes me even more proud of what we’ve been able to do – my wife and I – as a family, “she said.” And I know I won’t have to go back this time. I can do this while having a great time with the kids. “

When it comes to his iconic dance, The Carlton, which he fluttered for six seasons at The Fresh Prince of Bell-Air, Alfonso’s children learned to dance on their own. In a 2021 interview with, the father of four shared that his children performed Carlton at Lake Tahoe at the American Century Golf Championships.

“Instead of being alone, I actually brought my kids to dance with me,” he said. “Surprisingly, I never taught them to dance; They just learned by themselves. I think my eldest son, AJ, learned how to dance and then my youngest son Anders, how to do it. I just did it with a tingle in my arm. “

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