Michael B. Jordan begins to shave his face, and fans ask him to grow a beard

Actor Michael B. Jordan Shave his beard, and have his fans on social media. A recent photo of Jordan chatting with his girlfriend, Laurie Harvey, has surfaced online and the “A Journal for Jordan” actor was without his mustache and beard.

Fans were thrown for a loop and there was a strong reaction to the Clean-Seven actor, many hoping he would bring it back as soon as possible.

Shadroom shared the photo on Twitter with a caption that fans did not appreciate her shaving. “Michael B. Jordan came out without his beard, and the streets didn’t look like that: (@jpwphoto).”

A Twitter fan responded that he wanted Jordan to grow his facial hair again. “Oh no, Michael, what are you doing @ michaelb4jordan? Push it back,” wrote the angry fan.
Claims a Twitter fan; Michael B. It would be nice if Jordan played with me and grew his beard again.
Another fan joked that Jordan shaved his beard because of “stevevervection”.

“Steve Harvification of Michael B. Jordan,” another fan joked.

Jordan’s clean-shaven look doesn’t seem to bother other fans.
“Maybe he’s filming,” another wrote. “She looks good. People just hate her like a good D – N. Everyone has something to say that I hate to be a celebrity.”

Jordan’s clean-shaven look didn’t bother other fans.
“Maybe he’s filming,” wrote another. “She looks good. People hate her just like a good D – everyone has something to say. I hate being a celebrity.”

Jordan is set to star in a sequel to Will Smith’s “I Am Legend.” Both of them will produce the film. Jordan is back in his role as Advent Credit for “Creed III”, which he will also manage. The film is set to premiere in November.

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