Miley Cyrus star’s parents divorced after 30 years of marriage and five years later

Unfortunately, the third time is not always so charming. Tish has been separated from Cyrus again Billy Ray Cyrus They ended their married life of almost three decades.

The old stereotype says that the country is nothing more than a sad song about love, the loss of a truck and a dog. However, after Tish Cyrus filed for divorce, Billy Ray Cyrus will not sing a happy tune for a while. Tish, 54, broke up with Billy Ray, 60, last week, ending their nearly 30-year marriage, according to TMZ.

Miley Cyrus’ mother has filed for divorce in Tennessee, alleging that she and Billy Ray have not lived together for more than two years. He cited “inconsistent differences” as the reason for the separation and asked the court to distribute all their family property equally.

This is the third time Billy Ray and Tish have divorced: He first filed for divorce in 2010 but soon withdrew his divorce. In 2013, it was Tish’s turn to call lawyers. However, after he applied, he and Billy quickly reconciled. If this divorce happens, at least the two will not have to go through a long custody war.

Although Billy Ray and Tish have five children together, the youngest is a daughter Noah Cyrus , Age 22 years. This means that all the children of Tish and Billy Ray are of legal age, which saves the ex-couple from the hassle of scheduling child support and custody.

Billy Ray and Tish were married in 1993 at their home in Franklin, Tennessee. Miley recreated the scene in 2018 when she and Liam Hemsworth secretly married. However, the good times did not last long. Millie’s relationship with 32-year-old Liam broke down, citing “incoherent differences” in the papers. The couple finalized their divorce in early 2020.

Recently, Millie decided to mention the times when she was a married woman. After welcoming their new wife Liam on stage during Lollapalooza Brazil 2022, Miley wishes the couple a happy new life. “Darling, I hope your marriage is better than mine,” she said. “The alliance with me was a disaster.”

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