Miss Universe 2021 discusses the illness that drives her to gain weight

Model Harnaz Sandhu says she is gaining weight because of the health she is going through.

Harnaz Sandhu, The world is beautiful 2021, has been condemned for some time for weight gain and he is going through a health condition. For that reason, she can’t always meet the size required for a beauty contest.

Sandhu, the third Indian woman to receive this world honor, said of her condition: It is a Chronic Autoimmune energy damages his small intestine.

“I am one of those people who slanders them for being too thin, and now they tell me that you Obese ; I can’t eat wheat flour and other things because of my celiac disease.

As a result, the disease disrupts the digestive system, which prevents the body from getting all the nutrients it needs.

Miss Universe said it would reject any negative comments or bullying.

We are a society created to protect, encourage and develop each other. There is no room for hatred. Stop bullying.

Venezuela’s Alicia Machado speaks out against those who portray the current Miss Universe in a negative light. He, in turn, defended his weight gain, which is reflected in all the public events he attends.

She writes, who was Miss Universe in 1996, thank God this beautiful queen, and the brave woman Mr. Pig are not bosses. This 2022 is another era of compassion and love for others; Today, bullying is a crime! Hell Queen, beautiful.

However, during his speech, Machado did not know what disease the saint was suffering from. Followers of the queen made numerous negative comments about her body through various social networks.

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