Netflix suspended project that will star Will Smith

Netflix American actor and comedian who canceled the film Will Smith He will participate in the Oscars after the scandal he is going through for the humiliation.

Subscription streaming service Netflix has canceled the new movie starring actor Will Smith. Apparently, the decision was made because of the scandal involving Americans after comedian Chris Rock was attacked at the last Oscar Awards.

Fast and loose The Hollywood Reporter explained that the tape was suspended by Netflix and that Smith should be in the lead role.

“It simply came to our notice then. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Publish the mentioned portal.

The film that was canceled by the streaming platform will be about a mafia boss who loses his memory in the middle of an attack. He later learned that he had worked as a dual agent for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Just a week before such an event took place around the world, the director of that production, David Leach, withdrew from the project. The US producer is also currently working on the film Fall Guy Which is funded by actor Ryan Gosling star and Universal.

This incident should be the first project to be canceled by Smith After behaving aggressively with one of his partners.

However, he Continues with some productions, as in this case Release Made by Apple TV + and in the post-production stage . In addition, as the Hollywood Reporter noted, there are still other offers for American actors.

So far, the date on which the project will be released, which is already in the post-photo stage, is unknown, but it could be mid-2022. Apart from this, it will continue with the film Bad boys 4 .

Will Smith, winner of the Oscar for Best Actor, has decided to resign from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. The American mentioned that he determined it because he thought it was the right way to apologize to Rock, the LA Times reported.

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