Oscar producer Will Packer explains how he experienced the attack

Good Morning America got a chance to talk to one of the Oscar winners about what happened in the 94th edition.

After a few days, Will Smith Its aggression is during Chris Rock The 94th edition of the Oscars Being the main topic of discussion in the film industry. The academy is currently investigating the winner of Best Actor for The Williams Method. Although he has apologized for what he did, and the comedian did not finally condemn the artist after slapping him for joking about his wife’s alopecia, Hollywood has expressed Smith’s refusal. Has issued the strongest statement Jim Carey Who listed those present at the festival as cowards for not stopping the hero’s feet Wild Wild West .

Gradually, the pieces of the puzzle fit together and more and more data can be seen that were hitherto unknown at that moment. Even Jada Pinkett Smith Published a message on the social network that broke his silence after what happened, although to be honest, they were definitely not a statement that the world expected. With the water, calmed down a bit and even started talking to Chris Rock about it, Will Packer, Oscar-winning producer Have a talk with Good morning America To clear the unknown about this whole subject.

In the first place, Apparently he believed that Will Smith’s slap was a cheat, agree With Chris Rock since the actor walked steadily across the stage to the comedian, and he never moved. “I thought it was something Chris and Will did on their own … we didn’t practice it.” Also, when Smith returned to his seat, he was smiling, just as he did after taking the rock hit. Until the artist shouted, ” Keep my wife’s name out of your mouth “There was no response.

In short, the bottom line is that Packer had no idea Smith’s slap wasn’t a joke Until the actor starts screaming from his seat, and Rock confirms the offstage for him. But the joke that the comedian told about Smith’s wife was not planned Rock wasn’t following the script too much either , So it was seen as normal. Finally, it is still in the air if the real possibility is held that Will Smith will be expelled from the ceremony, even arrested. It remains to be seen how the issue unfolds and what happens in the end with that Oscar for Best Actor, though Rock didn’t want to deny it.

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