Oscar producer Will Packer says Chris Rock didn’t want Will Smith out of here

By Corey Atad.

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This year’s Oscar-like producer is as shocked as everyone else.

On Thursday, producer Will Packer sat down with “Good Morning America” ​​to talk about the moment when Will Smith hit Chris Rock during a Sunday night show.

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“I thought it was something, like everyone else,” he revealed.

“Once I saw Will screaming on stage, [it] There was such vitriol, ”Packer said. “I remember thinking: ‘Oh no, no, not like this. Not like this.’ But I got the guy, everyone is still in my ear, you know, saying: ‘Okay, what are we doing on camera two? Is he still there? Are we doing the best documentary category?’ And Chris was holding his head when everyone was losing them. “

He added, “But my heart was in my stomach at the time, because everything about it and what it represents and what it looked like and who was involved. It was all right – I never felt as devastated as I did at that moment. “

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Talking about the behind-the-scenes incident, Packer revealed that LAPD officers were ready to arrest Smith.

“It’s an absolute truth,” he said. “The LAPD has made it clear: ‘We will do whatever you want us to do, and one of the options is to go and arrest him now.'”

Behind the scenes, Packer was there to meet Rock when he left after presenting the Best Documentary Award.

“I said: ‘Did he really hit you?'” He asked Rock. “And he looked at me and he went: ‘I just took a punch from Mohammad Ali.’ That’s exactly what he said, only Chris can, you know. He was in immediate joke mode, but you can tell he’s still very shocked.

“I’ve made it clear, like, ‘Rock, you tell me what you want to do, brother,'” Packer said. “LAPD came and needed to talk to Chris. And so they came to my office and they said very clearly what Chris’s rights were. They were saying: ‘It’s a battery. We’re going to pick him up. We are going to arrest him now, you can complain, we can arrest him. ‘

Rock apparently “rejected” the police offer and said he was “good.”

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Packer added that he was told the academy wanted to remove Smith from the show, although he was not part of the conversation.

“It happened just before the Best Actor award,” Packer said. “I immediately went to the academy leadership on site and I said: ‘Chris Rock doesn’t want that,’ I said: ‘Rock made it clear he doesn’t want to make things worse.’

The academy said Smith was told to leave, but refused. Reporting on that account has been controversial Diversity.

Smith reached out to Packer the next day to apologize.

He apologized and said: ‘You know, this should have been a huge moment for you.’ He expressed his embarrassment and that was the amount, “said the producer.

In response to Rock, Packer said, “Chris handled the moment with such kindness and grace – it allowed the show to continue. Because Chris continued the way he did, he completed the section. He handed the trophy to Questlov, who I think really took away his moment. It gave us the license to continue the show, which is what we were trying to do. “

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