Oscar reveals the advice that Isaac Robert Downey Jr. gave him

‘Moon Night’ is already on Disney +, changing the rules of Marvel Cinematic Universe forever. Its protagonist, Oscar Isaac, admits that Robert Downey Jr. advised him wisely.

Oscar Isaac Just released Moon Night A series we’ve seen before The vandalism is random And that honors one of the most special characters Marvel . Production, which is exclusively available Disney + , The protagonist of this comic book travels in the background of mythology and offers us a brilliant Isaac that simultaneously embodies several characters. They explain the same actor and from ComicBook Ask a great Marvel Cinematic Universe for advice Before starting this project. Who? We will be Robert Downey Jr. himself .

Isaac, who played Tony Stark, praised him, explaining that one of the dialogues between the two was a piece of advice that marked him forever and forced him to step into a series of superheroes. “He told me that Kevin Feis is a genius, and he’s a collaborator.” He is explaining. “Don’t be afraid. Sign up; he offers all your ideas, presents all your thoughts and takes risks in your choices,” he concluded. Oscar Isaac claims he jumped on Moon Night after that conversation.

However, you only have to watch the first minutes of the series, where Isaac embodies a character that changes, transforms, and transforms within minutes. The series introduces us to sound and friendly at the beginning Steven Grant , A souvenir seller in a museum. But, little by little, we will have Mark Specter , A mercenary played by Isaac, who is imprisoned in his body as part of a covenant with the Egyptian god. Almost nothing. Moon Night , A typical Marvel hero, available exclusively at Disney + And it looks like he will change everything.

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