Otti Mabus claims that Dermat O’Leary was instrumental in her transfer from the dancer

As a surprise to fans and fellow dancers, Oti Mabuse announced that she was leaving Strictly Come Dancing. He had been thinking of this move for a long time.

She wanted to try something new, although she always liked to dance. Later, she starred in Steve’s Packed Lunch and as a panelist for The Greatest Dancer and Dancing on Ice. After that he felt ready to go alone.

When he talks about his new show, Romeo and Duet, he says, “I’m challenging myself, you know? I’m going to learn a duet with these guys, and I’m going to do it blindfolded.” I wanted to grow up, but I didn’t know how to do it. So I can do something else, like a sports show or a dance show.

“I was on Morning Live. As long as all these things are okay, I hope I can do them and show that part of myself in the shows. As a result, I think it was about growing out of dance.”

On top of that, she says her advice hasn’t ended since she left the BBC show. My work with Dermot [O’Leary] Were very close to each other. He came once and taught me how to work with an autocue. He showed me how to read it, how to change it and so on. I text him all the time! He has made a big difference.

She also has the support of her husband, Marius Lepur, a Romanian dancer, 39, whom she met in 2014 at a dance audition in Germany. They got married last year.

Mercury: Marius and his new wife moved to London together in 2015 and he was strictly part of the pro line-up for the 2017 show. While he was only on the show for a short time, his wife achieved a lot of success and became the first professional to win for two consecutive years. He won with Kelvin Fletcher in 2019 and Bill Bailey the following year, becoming the first person to do so.

It is true that he would not mind singing with a well-known person.

The endless love of Luther Vandros and Maria Carey would be a good choice for a duet if I had to sing a song. I used to sing it with someone. When I was a kid, this was one thing. I want to do it with Zac Efron. Now, I don’t have anyone to tell me, “Oh, you’re my celebrity crush.” But I remember that high school musical was a big hit. I loved that.

During the strictly, costume team dancers and their celebrity partners will make their fancy outfits look great.

A new show will not disappoint him. She had a lot of fun picking her clothes.

As she put it, “I had a great stylist named Carl, and Amanda Holden and Alex Scott also have a stylist named Carl.”

“She came to my house with a whole rack of clothes.” You need to choose a color that will look good together. It’s another reason I didn’t want to pick a dress that looks out of place, because the show isn’t about me. It’s all about the competitors. “

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