After a hard-fought victory at the UFC, Panny Kianzad, a UFC star, shows his loss

In a brutal UFC fight, Panny Kianzade has lost two front teeth. His nose is also broken.

When Irani finished with three rounds in Las Vegas, he raised his hand. After a hard fight though, he had to pay the price. After the fight he joked about his injury, pointing to the gap in his mouth. During the post-fight interview, he gritted his teeth, so he didn’t joke about his injury.

When he looked back at the fight, he said: “Memory: I think I had good ground and pounds in the first round. I took him back and got good ground and pounded in.

“At first, I felt great in the second round. Then, I found myself on the ground. No, I didn’t realize it at all. It was really fast, so I think he could have won the round. I took it. Just back after that, so I didn’t think it was important to throw him out. As long as I was on the ground and hitting, it would get worse.

To put it another way: “I took the third round back. My hand was very sharp.” At the beginning of the fight, I cut him off. Then I was cut and everything was bleeding, so I had to stop the bleeding. That means doing what I did. “

With his win, Kianzad came back from a defeat to Raquel Pennington last September when he lost by one point. The 30-year-old lost his first fight at the UFC in 2019. After that, he went on a four-fight winning streak before meeting Pennington.

Kianzad then called Aspen Lad, who also lost to Pennington last weekend. Kianzad called him too. “I think we should fight now. In the end, he lost his fight with” Rocky. “I thought” Rocky “looked great. I think this is the best match for him.

“We should go. He beat Lena, and I beat Lena. If I can, I think I’ll fight at the end of the summer. Count how many times you can say I’ll fight at the UFC. I work here for a living.” I do, and I want to continue it until I can. “

Elizabeth Moss explains why she passed the role of The Power of the Dog to Kirsten.

By Sarah Quran.

4 minutes ago

Elizabeth Moss reveals why she didn’t star in “The Power of the Dog”

The actress was originally set to star Kirsten Dunst’s role in the Oscar-nominated movie.

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“It’s difficult because I really, really wanted to do it,” Moss said in an interview Empire.

Moss also reveals tHat he and the director Jane Campion “Talked about it for years”, however, “Handmaids Tale” star J.Advertising Introduction pass Due to unforeseen circumstances.

“She and I were very kind to each other in the process, knowing that sometimes these things don’t work, and it’s not really anyone’s fault,” Moss continued.

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He praised Dunst’s performance, adding: “I was actually very happy that Kirsten was doing it because I have a lot of respect for her as an actress. I think if that role went to someone I don’t love, I don’t think I would have liked it. Obviously this is a beautiful movie. In the end, I’m glad it happened the way it did, but I would say my only desperate desire is to work with Jane again. “

Talented teacher Tom Ball gives judges’ Susan Boyle a moment in ‘Britain’s Got’

By Sarah Quran.

2 minutes ago

After her jaw-dropping performance in “Britain’s Got Talent”, a talented teacher is being called the next Susan Boyle.

Tom Ball stunned the judges with his powerful voice.

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The 23-year-old took to the stage to give a performance “Writing on the Wall” by Sam Smith.

“There are a lot of good singers out there, but the personality doesn’t show. It is clear that you have a good personality and we can see that That, “Simon Cowell mentioned.

“It was one of our best singing voices on the 16-year-old show,” said Amanda Holden.

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With “Yes, the vote from the four judges, the ball will go to the next round of the competition.

Many viewers compared the singer to Susan Boyle, who impressed the judges with her amazing voice and humble personality when she auditioned in 2009.

Nearly 18 years after their divorce, Jennifer Lopez is married to Ben

Jennifer Lopez Says he’s going to get married Fool They ended their marriage for the first time in 18 years.

He announced the news in a newsletter called OnTheJLo. In the newsletter, she showed a video of herself looking at a huge green engagement ring and crying.

The clip begins with a close-up of the ring. It then moves to Lopez’s face, where he appears to wipe away some tears.

Lopez made a video on Twitter and Instagram that hinted at a “big announcement.” In the video, Lopez says, “I have a really exciting and special story to tell.” And asked people to sign up for his newsletter.
Another thing: he made his Twitter handle even more beautiful by adding a picture of a diamond ring.

A year after Affleck broke up with Anna D’Armas and a breakup with Lopez baseball star, they started dating again a year later. Alex Rodriguez Lopez and Affleck start backing up again.

They started dating in July 2002 and got married in November of that year.

When they were supposed to get married in September 2003, they postponed it for a few days.

They finally broke off relations in January of that year.

An Instagram post on her 52nd birthday showed a picture of her and Affleck kissing on a private yacht. Lopez said he was back with Affleck for the first time in a long time when he said that.

Earlier, they were seen together on the red carpet when they went to movie premieres and award shows together.

Jennifer Lopez broke up with her husband in April 2021. In May, he was seen with Ben Affleck in Montana.

When Affleck was young, he married an actress Jennifer Garner , With whom he had three children: Violet, 16, Serafina 13, and Samuel. Violet is now 16, Serafina is 13 and Samuel is 10. She and her husband divorced in 2018. They were married for 13 years.

Lopez was also married to the singer for 10 years Mark Anthony . Their 14-year-old twins, Emme and Max, were born together. Their breakup took place in 2014.

David Beckham celebrates Victoria Beckham’s birthday with romantic wishes.

By Tionah Lee,

4 minutes ago

David Beckham came up with the romance with Victoria Beckham’s birthday wishes. The former football star celebrated his wife’s 48th birthday on Sunday with a sweet message on Instagram. Happy Birthday to সবচেয়েvictoriabeckham @brooklynpeltzbeckham @romeobeckham @cruzbeckham #HarperSeven সবচেয়ে. Next to the message was a picture of David, 46, and Victoria sharing a kiss while standing on the beach.

Happy Birthday to Victoria. The couple’s eldest son, Brooklyn, 23, shared a picture of his mother dancing on his Instagram store. “Happy Birthday Mom @ Victoria Beckham I love you,” she wrote in the photo.

Romeo, 19, dedicated a sweet message to his mother via Instagram. “Happy Birthday to the best mom in the world @ Victoria Beckham ♥ ️ ♥ ️,” she wrote next to a photo of her mother when she joined him and David for dinner.

Cruz, 17, picked up a throwback picture of him as a child, when his mother held him while his father was playing football. “You’re the best mom, I love you, happy birthday ❤️ @VictoriaBeckham,” she wrote next to the photo.

Victoria shared other greetings from her famous friends on her Instagram story, including Eva Longoria, Emma Bunton and many more. In her feed, the designer shared a video of her and David’s 10-year-old daughter Harper reading the birthday note he wrote for her.

“Today is my birthday and I feel like a very blessed and loving mummy. I love you so much Harper Seven,” he captioned the video. In the clip, Harper shows the card with a picture of him and Victoria on the front. When he opens it, his mother records him when he reads the personalized message.

“Dear Mom, I love you so much. Thank you for always being by my side when I need you. You are the best mummy in the world. When I think of you, I think of 3 words, kind, loving and hardworking.” Said while reading.

“You’re an amazing mummy to me, Romeo, Cruz, and Brooklyn and Dad, we all love you with all our hearts. Have a great day, we all love you so much. If you ever need me, I’m always here for you. “You’re so hardworking. Thank you for all the wonderful holidays and dinners. You’re the best mummy of all time. I love Harper.”

Victoria’s birthday wishes come just weeks after David and their children showered her with sweet messages on social media in honor of UK Mother’s Day.

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Megan Thi Stallion has debuted a new song burning in Cochlea

By Sarah Quran.

3 minutes ago

Megan Thi Stallion performed a brand new track for the first time when Coachella hit the stage in 2022.

Fans among the spectators at the festival shared the clips on social media.

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In his introduction, the rapper said that the song was Dedicated “for whom it may be worrying.”

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It is not clear what the track is called, however, mAny fans have guessed that the song is about Tori Lanez.

Lanez is currently facing charges of shooting Stallion in the leg.

In part of the song, Stallion says “d *** don’t drive me”, which Lanez recently posted on Twitter.

He also performed hit songs with Stallion “WAP” and “Savage” during the concert.

When it comes to Cochlea in 2022, Harry Edward Styles is showing a sharp

The Harry Edwards style appearance on the Cochela stage in 2022 generated a lot of energy.

While playing songs from her “Fine Line” album on Indio at the California-based musical festival on Friday night, the “Watermelon Sugar” singer rocked the stage with a dazzling accompaniment. It was a surprise to fans when he invited Canadian singer and songwriter Shania Twain to perform with him on stage.

For the evening, Styles opted for a rainbow sequin jumpsuit that was bright and shiny as the bright stage lights went off, as well as a flowing trend towards the feet. In addition to showing her chest tattoos, the dress has a submerged neckline that reveals her chest tattoos as well as tattoos on her arms. The dress also had a sleeveless style, which made her arm and chest tattoos more visible. Adding a fuzzy black dress to her otherwise vibrant outfit in another photograph helped to blend the whole look more effectively, as seen in the third picture above.

Parts of the decoration section, the parts can be used to enhance the look of the dress by adding a colorful, juicy look. However, they should be used sparingly to prevent overuse. Since at least 1300 BC, sequins have been used to decorate clothing, and they have been inspired by a centuries-old custom of tying coins to one’s clothing to keep one’s possessions at hand, dating back to ancient Egypt and perhaps even earlier. . Since the beginning of the flapper era as metal ornaments, sequins have evolved to be made of mylar or plastic, which reflects light towards the person wearing them. The use of ornaments in evening gowns has remained fashionable in recent decades, especially in the UK.

During the performance, Style chose a pair of chic black boots that allowed her to move around the stage in comfort. Harry Edward wore these throughout the performance and it looked great while doing it. In addition to having a patent leather upper and a nut-toe form, the shoes were also extremely comfortable.

Experienced in the fashion industry, Stiles has worked hard to establish itself in this field, appearing in advertisements for Gucci and other high-end fashion companies, among other projects.

Toronto Blue Jays announcer Buck Martinez to begin cancer treatment, with break

Fans of the Toronto Blue Jays may be listening to play-by-play announcer Buck Martinez’s voice for a while on Sunday as the baseball legend retires to begin cancer treatment.

In a statement, Martinez said he would begin treatment “in the coming weeks” and that his last game would be “for a while” at the booth that Sunday.

The Blue Jays will play the Auckland Athletics at the Rogers Center in Toronto on Sunday afternoon.

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“I have been honored and privileged to have the support of Blue Jays fans, colleagues, staff and players since I came here in 1981, and the continued support through this subsequent challenge means the world to me,” Martinez wrote.

Martinez has played 17 seasons of Major League Baseball, having played for the Kansas City Royals, Milwaukee Brewers and Blue Jays. He ran the Blueprint briefly between 2001 and 2002.

Toronto Mayor John Tory tweeted his support for the broadcaster. “Let’s all rally behind Buck Martinez because he’s fighting cancer,” he said.

Blue Jess CEO Mark Shapiro also offered his support in a statement. “We have no doubt that Buck will face the road ahead with courage, determination and his signature positivity,” he said.

“I hope to rejoin my SportSnet teammates for a stretch run later this season, but in the meantime, I’ll be on the sidelines for a good fight,” Martinez wrote.

Martinez said his medical team had assured him he would come out of treatment “with flying colors”.

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BTS has released a new album ‘We Are Bulletproof’ coming in June

By Brent Fordick.

39 seconds ago

The BTS Army will soon be moving towards some new music.

On April 16, during the final BTS show of the K-Pop Group’s Permission to Dance concert series in Las Vegas, a cryptic teaser was played on the venue’s video screen, featuring the words “we are bulletproof” and ending with a date: June 10, 2022.

This was followed a few hours later by a statement shared by the group’s management on the fan community platform WeVerse.

“Hello. It’s Biggit Music. BTS will be back on June 10, 2022 with another new album,” the band’s management shared in a statement on the fan community platform WeVerse.

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“Details of the new album will be provided in a separate notification at a later date,” the statement added. “We look forward to your love and support for BTS ‘new album. Thanks. “

Fans can expect We’re guns Must land on June 10.

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The new BTS Plus 14 other records are coming in April which you need to know

Rick del Valle Hackford, Helen Miron’s half-son, dies at 52

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5 minutes ago

Rio del Valle Hackford, son of director Taylor Hackford and step-son of Helen Miron, has died at the age of 52.

His brother Alex Hackford confirmed the matter Diversity That Hackford died Thursday, April 13 after an illness.

Hackford is owned by Alternative Rock Club One-I-Jacks in New Orleans, where he owned the Paul’s Lounge as well as Homestead in San Francisco and Monti in Los Angeles.

Hackford has also appeared in a number of films and TV series, including a recent role in Droid IG-11 (character voiced by Taika Waititi) in “The Mandalarian” and a director in “Palm and Tommy”.

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Other on-screen appearances included “Pretty Woman” with a heroin addict, “Strange Days” with a bartender and “Swingers” with Scully, Vince Vaughan and John Favreau stars. She played Toby in HBO’s “Trem”.

Hackford’s friend, screenwriter Divine Divinescentis, paid tribute in an Instagram post.

“Not obsessed with movies and how they mirrored and compelled, he was more: a superfan of countless scenes, special gestures of incongruous actors, strange twists of career, roaring comebacks, songs of movie swans,” writes Devinsentis.

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We lost them in 2022