Is Diane Keaton married? Inside the actress’s love life

In his new coffee table book, Saved, Diane Keaton He shares pictures that he has money with. The film manages to entertain as well as inform, with the negatives of the artistically arranged photo and even the 1981 shots that Diane shot himself on the set of his film. Red.

“I really enjoy watching. I guess my favorite thing in life is that I can see, “says Diane, 76.” It’s just so incredible. “

Now that her children, Dexter, 27, and Duke, 22, have grown up, the Oscar-winning actress has more time for pet projects. Saved. “Diane is always busy doing something. He is passionate about writing and photography, “admits a close friend, who adds that” buying, reversing and selling property “is Diane’s most lucrative hobby.

“Real estate is my obsession,” said Diane, who renovated her 8,000-square-foot dream home in Brentwood, California in 2017.

With her daughter newly married and her son leaving for college, Diane shares her golden fortune with her constant partner Reggie.

“Talk about unconditional love. Dogs don’t talk. They’re very comforting,” she says. “Human relationships are so complicated. It’s not that complicated with a dog.”

Surely they suffer less than men! The ever-married star admits that when she was younger, she put her career first and had a bad habit of dating men for entertainment. Includes his most famous love Al Pacino, Warren BT And Woody Allen.

“I don’t think I should have been so tempted by talent. When you’re both doing the same thing, it’s not so great, “said Diane.” I should have just found a nice man, a family man. “

Diane Keaton 'wants to meet a partner privately and organically': 'When it happens, it happens'
Emilio Lorry / Paramount / Kobal / Shutterstock

She adopted daughter Dexter in 1996 and son Duke in 2001 as single mothers. “Motherhood was not something I could resist. It’s a lot like the thought I’ve been thinking for a long time, “admits the actress, who says being a mother makes her less selfish.

“Diane is an amazing mother,” the friend added. “She and Dexter text or chat every day. How close they are. “Meanwhile, her son, Duke, shares Diane’s eyes for beauty.” She’s studying art and loves photography and fashion, just like her mother, “said the friend.

Diane jokes that she hasn’t been on a date in 35 years. “I have a lot of male friends, but no dates,” she insists. Daughter Dexter wants to change that.

“It’s funny because Diane encouraged Dexter to try online dating, and that’s how she met her husband,” the friend admits. “Dexter will put his mother on the dating app, but Diane won’t let him. She wants to meet a partner personally and biologically. When that happens, it happens. “

He is in no hurry. After all, Diane has always done things in her own time. “What’s the love between a man and a woman? It’s going to be up and down, and you really have to adjust to things,” Diane said. “[But] You still have to be fascinated by them, and still like that person. “

Queen Elizabeth did not tell her family about the James Bond Olympic stunt

By Sarah Quran.

3 minutes ago

Prior to the 2012 Olympic Games, Queen Elizabeth II kept a large secret from her family.

During the opening ceremony, she teamed up with Queen Daniel Craig to perform an epic “James Bond” stunt.

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BBC 4’s “Reunion” spoke to members of the production team behind the moment where millions of viewers around the world watched Craig and Queen. Pretending to jump from a helicopter over London Stadium.

“The queen never told her family that she was doing it. It was a condition that he agreed to be a part of it, “production stage manager Sam Hunter told the BBC.” So, if you really see when he arrives and he takes his seat, you can see his family go, ‘ ‘

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Executive-producer Stephen Daldry said the production team had to keep it secret from some members of the British government.

“What was difficult was that you didn’t want to tell the cabinet too much because you didn’t know how safe they were,” he explained.

Danny Elfman plays ‘The Simpsons’ theme, for the vintage Oingo Boingo number

By Brent Fordick.

4 minutes ago

Danny Elfman Kochela performed on the 2nd day of 2022, serving a powerhouse show that took viewers on a journey through his eclectic career, from his first days as a frontman in rock costume Oingo Boingo to his evolution as a film and television composer.

As Brooklyn Vegan According to the report, Elfman was served by a rock band with a full orchestra, both Oingo Boingo tracks (including “Insect” and “Dead Man’s Party”) and some of his memorable movie and TV scores.

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Of these, arguably Elfman’s most iconic was his theme song for “The Simpsons,” complete with Bert Simpson Regalia with drummer Josh Fris.

Also, Elfman and his orchestra have performed compositions from “The Nightmare Before Christmas”, “P-Wee’s Big Adventure”, “Spider-Man”, “Edward Caesarhands”, “Batman” and many more.

Check out some of the highlighted fan-shot footage:

Click to view gallery

Guess the lyric (television theme song)

Prince Harry and Megan Merkel PDA Show, Hug Athletes, Day 2

By Tionah Lee‍,

3 minutes ago

Prince Harry and Megan Merkel started the second day of the Invictus game with more sweet moments. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex spent their Easter with a full day ceremony at The House in the Netherlands. Harry, 37, and Megan, 40, reached out to the athletics portion hand in hand. The royalty dressed normally for the day. The Duke wore a black fleece with Invictus Games logo and beige pants.

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The Duchess wore blue jeans and a white jacket by Brandon Maxwell. The ever-stylish Duchess Manolo completes her look with Blaine’s suede pumps. Harry and Meghan showed a little PDA while chatting with the contestants.

The pair were also photographed sharing a group hug with Lisa Johnston, a member of the UK team. Harry and Meghan sat next to each other watching a volleyball match. Megan ended her day with Prince after the match. Harry, the founder of the annual competition, watched the archery match alone.

During the opening ceremony Saturday, Meghan and Harry’s eventful second day comes after they show their love. The couple held hands while walking on the yellow carpet at Juider Park in The Hague, Netherlands.

Read more: Prince Harry and Meghan Merkel show affection during the opening ceremony of the Invictus Game

Harry and Meghan share a kiss when Duke enters the stage to give a speech, shortly after his wife gives an emotional speech.

During the ceremony, the couple each took to the stage to celebrate the resilience of the athletes and to give a special shout out to the members of Team Ukraine. Meghan, who competed in games with her husband in 2017, 2018 and 2019, is scheduled to take part in the first few days of the event.

The Invictus Games will run until April 22.

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The real story behind Kerry Katona’s £ 1 Million Only Fans Enterprise

The Fans only The site where Kerry Katona made a lot of money. He showed his fans how he made a lot of money.

This is a great picture of the former nuclear cat star, 41 This image had no filters or edits, so you can see its natural body

Kerry has made over 1 million selling flashy pictures online. She and her five children now “want nothing.” Kerry has been able to build a new life for himself and his children.

And now, the star who once broke down tells us how she’s attracting so many fans: with her natural beauty.

“Don’t be afraid to do things that make you feel free. @Onlyfans,” he wrote while sharing the photo.

There were a lot of people who told Kerry how much they loved seeing the real Kerry.

“Like this … no filters or photoshop was used to create this image. You can just be yourself and look great. It would be great to have more images like this. # Stop with filters” said one fan.

Then another said, “Looking naturally amazing!”

A third fan said: “Absolutely stunning, a” real “figure, not a bag of bones. You are amazing and beautiful and have always been and always will be.”

For her fans, this is a good thing because this week she was spotted having fun with her new Lamborghini Urus V8.

A few months after her car was stolen, I’m a celebrity … Get Me Out of Here! On Friday, the winner was seen driving to work and returning to the new flash motor he bought.

The mother of five was stunned as she climbed into the bright green car at Alderley Edge in Cheshire. She wore a blue maxi dress, a oversized navy cardigan, and a Gucci belt-bag as she walked around town.

During a Christmas shopping trip, Kerry realized he had no keys. His last car, a Range Rover, was stolen in December 2021 and the keys were never found.

Instagram Live at the time: “I chased them, but it’s lucky I didn’t find them. They may have a knife or something.”

“I feel like I’ve been deceived by this person. The kids are very upset.”

Kerry has not run out of money in the last few months for the one-time struggling star’s growing modeling career.

The Warrington-born star spoke of her plans to buy a new car last year, when she found money again on her OnlyFans page.

Fans who signed up to see the vaporized image on the platform for adults only helped the reality TV star get back on his feet. In 2008, the star was declared bankrupt and again in 2013.

Kerry told The Sun about her career change and growth in her bank account in December last year: “It was great for my job and I couldn’t stop working. First, when I did it, I told the kids, ‘I’m going to do it, and I Going to be topless. Let me know if anyone has any problems. “

The former nuclear cat singer continued: “As soon as the money came, I told Lily to wait and see how she felt about it.

“Each of them had an iPad when the money started coming in. To make things better, I also bought myself a Lamborghini Urus that will arrive in March.”

Kerry McFadden’s flashy photos may not be as bad as they used to be. Lily McFadden recently said that Kerry’s job is to keep stock of her clothes, so she changed her mind.

During an interview with her mother last month, the teenager, who has a father who sang for Westlife, was asked about her mother’s job.

Lily said something new! Magazine: I’m so happy! “I think it’s wonderful. Do what makes you happy and do what you want.”

She said, “As long as it puts a pair of shoes in my closet, I’m not going crazy.”

Diane Krueger expresses frustration that the paparazzi are holding her and her young daughter hostage:

By Brent Fordick.

3 minutes ago

Diane Kruger shares her frustration with the relentless paparazzi who hunt her down in public with her 3-year-old daughter, whom she shares with “Walking Dead” star Norman Ridas.

In a new interview with Dr. Sunday TimesThe “Swimming with the Shark” actress opened up about her feelings about the paparazzi who gave her thumbs up, violating her privacy.

“I hate it and it drives me crazy,” she says, following him whenever he leaves his house.

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“I almost hit some of them when I was with my baby and they took pictures of him,” he added.

“If I see them and they’re brave enough not to go away, I’m 100 percent the crazy woman who screams across the street,” Kruger said.

During the interview, Kruger opened his mouth about his daughter. “I’m really lucky,” he said. “She is obsessed with Mulan. He is taking martial arts to be like Mulan. All he wants to do is go to China.

Read more: Diane Kruger and Norman Ridas enjoy a quiet, Spider-Man-filled Christmas with their daughter

For her future with Ridas, with whom she was engaged last year, Kruger admits they have not “even started thinking” about their wedding plans yet.

“I don’t know, we’ll see what happens,” he said. “You know, it’s just like, it’s fun. I take one at a time. If I learned something from my past relationship, it would never happen. “

Prince Harry opens up about Archie and Lily in an interview with the kids

By Brent Fordick.

4 minutes ago

Prince Harry shares his future hopes for 2-year-old Archie and 11-month-old Lily during an interview with a pair of young Dutch journalists.

As People According to the report, the youngsters were covering Harry’s Invictus Games in The Hague, the capital of the Netherlands, Dutch news outlet Kinder Correspondent (which translates from Dutch to Children’s Correspondent).

Child journalists Sophia and Jay asked Harry about his future hopes and dreams for his young children.

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“Growing up in a developed world,” the Duke of Sussex responded.

“To grow up in a just world, in a safer world, in a more equal world,” he added. “It won’t be easy, but I will never, ever, rest until I, as a parent, try to make the world a better place, at least for them.”

As Harry explained, “It’s our responsibility to make the world the way it is now. I don’t think we should bring our children into the world unless we are committed to making it better for them. We cannot take away your future.”

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Harry hugged the reporters and ended the interview, telling them, “Well done, friends.”

Blake Shelton channels his inner Easter Bunny in funny videos

By Brent Fordick.

1 second ago

Blake Shelton is celebrating Easter just like he can: decorated like a giant pink rabbit, complete with matching rabbit slippers.

In a video shared by the country’s star on social media, she is seen wearing an Easter bunny dress as she descends into a hallway of her home, accompanied by a pair of dogs.

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Proud of a big smile on her face, Shelton turns a corner just as the video ends.

“Happy Easter to all,” he wrote in the caption, “Welcome.”

Shelton’s Easter morning shenanigans are part of her planned time after her wedding to Gwen Stefani on Valentine’s Day 2022.

“I’ve been looking forward to what I’ve been doing for the last four or five years … looking at that timeline, the part of my career where I have to start moving things around,” Shelton said at a media event back in February. , Through People.

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“You have to get some life there, and by marrying Goen, I’m married into a family. She has three sons and all of a sudden you’re gone, there’s something else. “

Tamar Braxton makes fans laugh through this video collection

Tamar Braxton He made his fans laugh through a collection of videos filmed by fans See his post below.

‘The truth is there is nothing to do but sing … Meet me there is always something special happening … These are real #Tamarshian videos taken from the show. And I’m grateful that you always feel good about me. (Get all these at Ticketmaster), ‘said Tamar.

Someone said: ‘You sound like a record to me #MyFaveIsBetterThanYours.’

One commenter posted this: “Calling All Lovers is your best album and the best R&B album of the last decade.”

One follower said: ‘lee_luv Are you on a road trip to a show? You don’t want to miss your favorite show list. ‘

One fan said: ‘We love you @tamarbraxton please don’t add NYC to our list,’ and one commenter posted this: ! ‘

Someone else said: ‘We love you! Can’t wait to see all the extra blessings from God for you. ‘

Tamar has revealed to her fans and admirers the horrific heartbreak she left after her sister’s death. Check out what she recently posted on her social media account.

‘Someone lied and said“ it gets easier ”. It’s not. You just continue to live without. On your last birthday, we were all very optimistic and optimistic and said it was not going to be your last birthday. We were right because today and every birthday we will celebrate you exactly as we said. #happy heavenly birthday Our sister’s bond is unbroken. #foreverthebraxtongirls We love you #TrayDay, ‘he said.

One fan said: ‘It’s like living every day with a hole in your heart. But the love you both share transcends time and space! She can feel it, just as you can feel her. That can help fill in some gaps. Thoughts and prayers for you. Long live Tracy. ‘

‘SNL’: Chloe Feynman revives Britney Spears impression for singer’s baby news

By Brent Fordick.

2 minutes ago

The recent announcement by Britney Spears that she and her fianc Sam Asgari are expecting a baby did not go unnoticed by the authors on “Saturday Night Live”.

In the cold opening for the April 16 edition, Easter Bunny (Boyen Young) hosted a group of celebrities, including Dr. Anthony Faucy (Kate McKinnon), Jared Leto (Kyle Mooney), a group of Cuevan-loving Georgia congresswoman Majority Cell Has done. Taylor Green (Cecilia Strong), NYC Mayor Eric Adams (Chris Red), Tech Mogul Elon Musk (Mikey Day) and Britney Spears, Chloe Feynman have starred again.

“I bet you didn’t know I could do it,” Feitman’s Britney announces that Real Spears often performs on Instagram during dance performances.

“I remember six months ago when everyone was saying ‘we have to get him out of this conservatism’ and now you’re saying ‘is anyone still checking his right?'” He continued, referring to the recent end of his decade-plus. Save

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“Well, don’t worry, I’m finally free and I have a baby!” He added. “I just pray that my baby will be born happy, healthy and with the power of attorney.”

“Saturday Night Live” will air Saturday at 11:30 pm ET / 8:30 pm PT Global.