Pat Monahan on writing with Taylor Swift, touring Canada and how to shape a fan

By Leena Tailor, Staff.

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He is a proud father of four children, a beautiful wife, travels the world, has acted, written and acted with Taylor Swift, and owns his own wine label.

Life is good for Pat Monahan

But as he began composing new train music, the musician received a friendly reminder from a fan – which would shape the entire direction of the band’s upcoming album, AM Gold.

“Train fans have become my friends and I love one, Teresa from Boston, who said, ‘You know, we’re all really happy for you to have a great marriage and a great life … but you might go back in writing to the rest of us. Why those other songs? ‘”Monahan says And Canada. “I was like, ‘Oh! There’s so much sadness left in me.’

“So, I wrote songs that reflected those times in my life, such as the beginning of my career and early relationships. Even if you recover from these things, there is plenty to reflect on. “

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If there is ever a time to reflect, it is the time of the COVID-19 epidemic. Although Teresa influenced the content, it was the epidemic that centered on the album’s sound. After going to the lockdown, Monahan, 53, realized he was writing a “wrong record.”

“It was more pop-oriented at first, then during lockdown I had to write on top of the zoom with my bandmates and start being honored with the right music.”

Monahan says the resulting sound is inspired by Yacht Rock, as well as blended into R&B, disco, horn and strings.

“I went to Los Angeles and London to write with people who write all the songs you’ve heard all the time, but I started writing with my bandmates and realized it was the right train record. I also learned how to use my own equipment and where the record is. That has changed. “

Initially there was “pain” when going to distant places, Monahan finally started to enjoy the process. The album’s funniest single “AM Radio” is being followed today by “Running Back” and was inspired by Monahan’s NFL Paul Marshan Lynch.

“He’s an authentic, amazing person running behind the Hall of Fame,” Monahan said. “A ‘relationship’ analogy, like this, ‘Let me run after you. I’ll fight for you, score goals for you, take the world for you.’

“Running Back” is one of Monahan’s favorite songs he wrote. Making music that he is proud of the silver lining of the epidemic, but the last two years have also come with difficulty. Monahan was shooting for 2021 Christmas in Tahoe (Inspired by Train’s 2015 Holiday album) When his brother Tim Monahan died of appendix cancer.

“His funeral was in downtown Lockdown, South Carolina, then I was shooting a Hallmark movie at his memorial and, if I had gone, I would have been sick and brought back to the set, it would have been irresponsible,” he said. “Not being able to attend his funeral or memorial was the worst part of the epidemic.”

Monahan affectionately recalls Tim as funny, interesting and smart – “he had a very big brain and even expressed mathematical equations.”

Although the lyricist did not pay attention to the loss AM Gold, On May 20, grief inspired one of the train’s biggest hits – Monahan wrote their 2001 smash “Drops of Jupiter” after losing his mother Patricia in 1998.

The Grammy-nominated track for performing live is still “thrilling” with her favorite and fans listening to every word of the song. Monahan was further honored that the train’s fan girl Taylor Swift had previously covered “Drops of Jupiter” and “Hey Soul Sister”.

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He met “very sweet” Swift at an awards show. The two later wrote “Babe”, which was released by Sugarland before Swift recorded the song for 2021. Red (Taylor’s version).

“Sugarland got that track out and did it well for them, and I performed ‘Drive By’ with Taylor at the Barclays Center,” Monahan said. “I had a really fun experience with Taylor.”

“I thought I was very driven until I met Taylor Swift, then I was, ‘I’m a champ!'” He added about writing with Swift. “She’s just as enthusiastic and driven as I’ve ever met.”

Monahan now has other artists to collaborate on his radar, including several Canadians. Alanis is at the top of Morriset’s list of favorites. “Weekly’s amazing. Drake is incredible. There are some Canadians I would like to work with. “

Now is the time to hit them – Monahan is hitting Canada soon for the train’s “AM Gold” tour, Which landed on the Budweiser Stage in Toronto on July 10.

“That venue is one of the favorite places to play in the world,” he said. “And the best catering in Toronto! I’ve actually become a huge hockey fan, which is very Canadian to me. We once went out with the Maroon Five and the co-titled Hockey Arenas and it was one of the best touring times of my life.

“One of my favorite memories was in Saskatchewan,” Monahan continued. “Some guys from each band went to play golf and I fell in love with Saskatchewan and the fact that a guy on the golf course tried to sell me weeds – one of the best things that ever happened to me!”

For their upcoming track, Joel and Blues will join the Traveler Band (Monahan, Hector Maldonado, Jerry Baker, Taylor Lock, Matt Musty, Sakai Smith and Nikita Houston). And while Monahan’s children have never been attracted to his career (“It takes them to Disneyland, they too have ‘whatever!'”), His 10-year-old son Rock inherited his musical genes and jumped on stage.

“She’s on the School of Rock program, where kids learn musical instruments and play classical songs, so she came and sang a Dirty Heads song with me last year called ‘Vacation’ and she’ll probably come out and do things from our new album, Monahan, who is also the father of Atom, a 13-year-old girl with wife Amber Peterson, and their 20-year-old two children (Amelia and Patrick) from their first marriage.

“I like the feeling he gets from the music,” Monahan continued. “She feels at home in it. Whether it’s sports, academic or music, it’s really fun to see your child find themselves. “

Until then, fans will be able to catch Monahan in the new Neil McDonough thriller, Groom, A fun but opposite role Christmas in Tahoe.

Monahan laughs and says, “The bad guy is a good character for me. Or the guy wearing the Christmas sweater in the Hallmark movie. Those are my two joys!”

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