Paula Patton responds to criticism of her mother’s fried chicken recipe, ‘It’s

By Jamie Samhan.

47 minutes ago

Fried chicken has faced a backlash from Paula Patton.

Patton shared a video of his mother cooking a batch of fried chicken recipes when users criticized her.

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“Paula Patton did not wash her chicken properly, did not season, did not season the flour, did not season the oil and the chicken was still pink by calling Mi 911,” one person tweeted.

Many others were annoyed when he was seasoning chickens while in Greece.

Patton then addressed the comments in a video on Instagram.

“It’s all good because everyone has their own way of making things,” he said. “And I’ll take the advice, I’ll make a new kind of fried chicken, but I’ll always make it like my mother’s chicken the way she did. We do oil and seasoning all that. That’s exactly the way we do it. “

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The only way to find out how good the recipe is – try it yourself!

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