Picture of his Las Vegas house

HGTV Design Duo Drew Scott And Jonathan Scott They lent their incredible design skills to their older brother JD ScottIts home. The twins have reformed JD and his now-wife Anali BeleHome of Las Vegas in 2019 during one of its episodes Property Brother: Home forever. The whole process took a long time and JD had tears in his eyes after seeing the final results.

When Jedi initially bought a three-bedroom, one-bathroom bachelor pad, he faced some criticism from his younger siblings. “They made fun of various home projects that took me a while to finish, but I’m not using the full crew. Something Those I know, “the former celebrity disguise told HGTV in October 2019.

Annalee moved in with JD in 2015, but their busy schedule makes it difficult to plan home renovations. Drew described the model’s aesthetics as “rainbow bubble gum” while her brother was dark-skinned. Drew and Jonathan were able to perfectly capture the couple’s style choices with really colorful and fun decor.

“I’m starting to tear up,” JD said during the episode when his new home was unveiled. “It simply came to our notice then. Looks like we went to someone else’s house. “

One huge change that was made in space was the addition of a new blue velvet couch to replace the JD that had been around for over 20 years. All the walls were painted with dark tones which made all the artwork pop. JD was never interested in flowers, but could not help but fall in love with all the flower accents that his brothers added to the space.

“It was incredibly emotional for us,” Drew said Canadian Press In June 2019. “(JD) is a busy man and he has never been fully committed to changing his place, and it has felt like a bachelor pad for many years. Now he’s engaged and he and his soon-to-be wife are going to live in this house and we wanted to make sure they had some personality in both of them. “

JD, who has appeared on several Drew and Jonathan HGTV shows, absolutely loved the beautiful navy tiles in the bathroom and the patterned throw rugs throughout the house. The home renovation episode was televised when JD revealed to his Instagram followers that he was suffering from a mysterious illness. In July 2019, he updated fans and shared that he was being treated for a gastrointestinal infection. He recovered from his illness and was able to rest in his comfortable home.

Keep scrolling for a tour of JD and Annalee’s gorgeous Las Vegas home.

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