Pictures of her children year after year

Today Host Al Rocker Always on the hit daytime program is gushing about her three children. The meteorologist shared his eldest daughter, Courtney RockerWith his ex-wife, Alice Bell. He has become the father of the daughter again Leela Rocker And boy Nicholas Rocker With his wife, Deborah Ann Roberts. The couple likes to share family photos on social media to celebrate their children’s milestones.

Al became a father for the first time when Courtney was born in 1987. He and Alice tied the knot three years ago. Their divorce was finalized in 1994. Over the years, Courtney has come out with her father for a rare red carpet appearance. He was happy to announce his engagement to her Wesley laga In April 2020.

On their wedding weekend in June 2021, Al continued to share photos of all her children and revealed that Leila and Nicholas were at the wedding party. The New York Times The bestselling author danced with his daughter at the reception. On Instagram, she wrote that it was “a perfect magical evening for my first princess wedding.”

The Rocker family also shared with fans that Nicholas was admitted to college in 2021. He started touring the college at the beginning of the year and was smiling when he found out in an Instagram video that he had been admitted to two schools. When Al was excited for his son, he confessed Today In October 2021, the co-hosts were going to be upset to see him leave the school.

“I just … I don’t know if I’m still ready for her to leave,” he said on the show. “Time is running out.”

Throughout his years as a popular television personality, he has been very open about raising Al Nicholas, who is in the autism spectrum.

“Do I sometimes get frustrated with my son? You bet. But then I think of my dad, how understandable he was, “Al wrote in an April 2019 article. Guidepost. “And Deborah reminds me that I have to show my son that not only do I love him but I love him too. More than that, I admire him.

Keep scrolling through the years to see photos of Al’s kids.

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