Pictures of kids Barney and Ira

Girl Meat Farm Star Molly yay After the premiere of the hit series in 2018, it has become one of the most popular faces in the food network. When she doesn’t show viewers how to make some of her signature dishes, she spends time with her daughter, Bernadette Rosemary “Barney” Yeh Hagen, and Ira, Dorothy Yeh Hagen, with her husband. Nick Hagen.

Molly and Nick, who were married in 2014, became parents for the first time in March 2019 with the arrival of Barney. He shared the touching meaning behind his eldest daughter’s name in an interview People Immediately after giving birth.

“We’re so wild in love! Bernie is named after Nick’s great-grandfather Burnett, who came from Norway to start the Hagen farm,” the television personality said. “And my grandfather Bernard, who came from Hungary. Rosemary was my mother’s mother.”

The couple continued to post sweet snaps of all of Barney’s milestones on social media, including helping her mother in the kitchen and celebrating her first birthday. In September 2021, the author of a cookbook shared the exciting news that she was pregnant with her second child.

“Aspirations aside, we are excited to add a new little bean to the family! Barney is already training to be a big sister with her cabbage patch doll and she is doing great! Molly said People At the time “he is suggesting that we name the new baby Barney, so we’re still working on the name.”

Molly continues the film Girl Meat Farm Throughout her second pregnancy. Before giving birth in Iraq, Illinois shared all of her pregnancy aspirations during an episode of the Native Show, which included pink donuts and grapefruit smoothies. Just a few days later, he announced Ira’s arrival in a series of adorable Instagram photos.

“After Dorothy Dorothea, the original mother of the farm (Nick’s great-grandmother), and Ira because our friend Jamie suggested it and we loved it!” Molly talks about the meaning of her youngest daughter’s name. “Barney is doing well in the role of her older sister. Frozen We are so excited to be a family of four! ”

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