Pink Floyd members have reunited to record songs for Ukraine

By The Associated Press.

4 minutes ago

Pink Floyd is releasing the first new music in almost three decades to raise money for the people of Ukraine, the band announced on Thursday.

“Hey Hey Rise Up” features voices from Pink Floyd members David Gilmore and Nick Mason, the Ukrainian singer of the Boombox band Andrei Klivneuk.

On the track, Klivniuk sang a patriotic Ukrainian song, which he recorded in front of St. Sophia Cathedral in Kiev and posted on social media.

Gilmore, who performed with Boombox in London in 2015, said the video was “a powerful moment that made me want to put it into music.”

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After the Russian invasion, Khalivnik shortened his visit to the United States to return to Ukraine and join a regional defense unit.

Gilmore said he spoke to Khalivneuk, who was recovering from a Mortar Shrapnell injury while he was writing the song. He said: “I played some songs under the phone line and he blessed me. We both hope to do something personally in the future. ”

The song is being released on Friday and the band says the proceeds will go to the Ukraine Humanitarian Relief Fund.

“We want to show our support for Ukraine, and show that most of the world thinks that it is completely wrong for a superpower to attack Ukraine, which has become an independent democracy,” Gilmour said.

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Pink Floyd was founded in London in the mid-1960s and helped create the UK’s psychedelic scene before releasing influential albums from the 1970s. The stigma of the moon, You want to be here And The wall.

Original member Roger Waters resigned in 1985, and the remaining Pink Floyd members recorded together for the last 1994 album. Division Bell.

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