Porsche Williams congratulates Judge Jackson: “Black Girl Magic”

Porsche Williams The judge congratulated Jackson and dropped a message on his social media account for him. Check it out below.

‘Congratulations Judge Jackson. One historic day and another broken glass roof, ‘Porsha captioned his post.

Someone said: ‘I hope he will fix it by blacks and not just black that catch!’ And someone else said: ‘Sadly many feel #blackgurlmagic isn’t helping us in the long run! We have a lot of work to do. ‘

One commenter posted this: ‘Ooooohhh we drink straight, no hurry and hold ice; Congratulations, beautiful black honorable Judge Jackson. ‘

Another follower said: ‘Congratulations Judge Jackson you deserve your blessing. God bless you, we love you. ‘

Another fan posted the following message: ‘Are you kidding ?! She doesn’t even know what a woman is and she stands up for pedophiles. Wow “Ignorance is blowing the mind.”

Someone else said: ‘Congratulations to Mrs. K. Jackson, the Supreme Court Judge, the first African American woman to be nominated to the Supreme Court. Good job. ‘

Porsha Williams and her fianc Simon are living their best life in Nigeria. Check out the video he shared on his social media account below.

Someone said: ‘Does he know how David is on this street? Don’t leave your man behind, ‘and one commenter posted:’ Nigerian fun. There is no party like Lagos Party. ‘

In other recent news, Porsche Williams was celebrating his daughter PJ’s birthday. Check out the post he shared on his social media account.

‘Happy birthday to my little pooh bear !!! Mom loves you so much !! I thank God for allowing me to be your mother, thank you for my purpose and stay [email protected] Life saver !!! “Pillarjhena.” Captured by eweelovephotography, ‘says Porsha.

Porsha is now living her best life with her family and fans can’t get enough of her.

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