Posh Spice Effect: Victoria and David Beckham look forward to their son’s wedding

The groom’s mother’s dress is no less popular than the bride’s dress.

The most stylish wedding of the year took place over the weekend in Palm Beach: 23-year-old Brooklyn Beckham and 27-year-old billionaire heir Nicola Peltz exchanged vows of fidelity. A handmade lace veil and gloves made of pure white silk with a Valentino Bridemaid dress repeat the same pattern, only the image of the bridegroom’s mother, the incomparable Victoria Beckham, who chose a silver slip dress of her own brand for the celebration. To compare

Victoria Beckham personally designed the outfit, inspired by the atmosphere of the iconic nightclub studio 54 and the reflection of moonlight on the sea at night, and found the right material in a textile factory near Lake Como, Italy. The neckline of the silhouette of the dress and the left side were adorned with three types of French lace, which the dress makers cut and sewed by hand.

The “liquid metal” effect of the silk dress perfectly emphasized the fragile and pathetic image of Victoria, complemented by the star with silver sandals and diamond jewelry. David Beckham A black Dior tuxedo with a satin lapel, a bow tie and patent leather boots looked less elegant.

Victoria Beckham’s mother and groom’s grandmother Jackie Adams, Beckham’s middle son Romeo Mia Reagan’s favorite and actress Eva Longoria also attended the wedding in Victoria Beckham’s attire.

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