Post Malone joins Billy Strings to belt out Johnny Cash’s ‘Cocaine’ cover

By Beka Longmayer.

2 minutes ago

Post Malone joined Billy Strings for an epic performance at the Santa Ana Observatory in California this week.

The rapper and guitarist teased their friendship on Instagram in 2020 before finally treating fans to Johnny Cash’s “Cocaine Blues” presentation.

After introducing Strings on stage, Malone told the crowd, “Billy Strings is the best of all time.

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Malone held a beer and a cigarette as Strings explained how he had “seen this guy hiding behind the stage”, so he guessed that for the sake of the fans “he should be dragged and sung”.

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Following the performance, Strings, who posted pictures of numerous Colab fans on her Instagram story, shared her setlist on Instagram, as well as a picture of her on stage:

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