Pregnant Britney Spears shows small belly

Recently, Britney Spears announced that she is expecting a child from her fianc Sam Asgari. The famous singer’s message was so confusing that Internet users at first did not understand exactly what was being said. In the end, however, the artist’s boyfriend confirmed the good news and insisted that he was really preparing to become a father. So now this star is full of congratulations from the fans. And he happily displays even the smallest changes in his image. In the photo taken by the paparazzi shortly before the official announcement, Britney covered her stomach with a purse. But on April 12, he posted a video on Instagram in which he happily showed all the changes. “Now I need to redesign my entire outfit. I have a very small belly here, so I was able to fit in my pants,” the singer explained in the caption of the video. In the video, Brittany shows off some flirtatious outfits that keep Internet users indifferent. Fans once again congratulate Spears, who has been dreaming of becoming pregnant for the past few years but has not been able to do so due to her own father’s strict control over her. Recall that during the trial, the singer complained that her father interfered not only in her treatment, but also in her professional activities and her personal life. After her custody ended, Brittany announced that she planned to marry Sam Asgari, with whom she had lived for about five years.

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