Queen Elizabeth did not tell her family about the James Bond Olympic stunt

By Sarah Quran.

3 minutes ago

Prior to the 2012 Olympic Games, Queen Elizabeth II kept a large secret from her family.

During the opening ceremony, she teamed up with Queen Daniel Craig to perform an epic “James Bond” stunt.

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BBC 4’s “Reunion” spoke to members of the production team behind the moment where millions of viewers around the world watched Craig and Queen. Pretending to jump from a helicopter over London Stadium.

“The queen never told her family that she was doing it. It was a condition that he agreed to be a part of it, “production stage manager Sam Hunter told the BBC.” So, if you really see when he arrives and he takes his seat, you can see his family go, ‘ ‘

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Executive-producer Stephen Daldry said the production team had to keep it secret from some members of the British government.

“What was difficult was that you didn’t want to tell the cabinet too much because you didn’t know how safe they were,” he explained.

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