Queen Elizabeth says Covid Bam is ‘a very tired and exhausted person’

By Kate Holton, Reuters.

2 minutes ago

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth said COVID-19 left “one very tired and exhausted” when she spoke to a health worker and a former patient about her own experience of “this terrible epidemic”.

The 95-year-old King of Britain tested positive for covid in February and was described as having mild, cold-like symptoms. He later returned to light duties.

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The Queen, who is the patron of the Royal London Hospital, spoke in a video call with the hospital’s National Health Service staff who helped create and operate a 155-bed unit to combat the growth of patients in need of respiratory assistance.

Her conversation with staff came during the official opening of the hospital’s Queen Elizabeth unit.

“It’s amazing, isn’t it, what can be done when needed?” He made the remarks in a statement released from Buckingham Palace late on Sunday.

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Rani also spoke to Asif Hossain, who was seriously ill with COVID-19 and who lost family members to the virus. “It makes one very tired and exhausted, isn’t it, this terrible epidemic?” She told him.

The queen asked how the patients dealt with not seeing family members. “It was obviously a very scary experience,” he said.

Elizabeth, who turned 96 at the end of this month, has been out of work since she was hospitalized one night last October for an unspecified illness.

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