Quotes about Ryan Seacrest’s marriage, relationship details

For a long time American Idol Host Ryan Secrest A professional to wake up his busy schedule as a popular television personality. The Emmy winner never hesitated to open up to the audience about her love life. However, he never walked down the corridor during his high-profile relationship.

The Living with Kelly and Ryan Cohost was previously linked with Teri Hatcher And Jasmine Waltz Before starting a relationship with Julian Huff In 2010. They parted ways in 2013, and the former couple remained friends for years. In March 2022, Julian and his brother, Derek Huff, Ryan joins for a radio interview On-air with Ryan Secrest.

“[Julianne] I feel the same. There is nothing wrong with that because we have been friends for years and still are, “said the Georgia resident.

Later he started dating the healer Shayna Taylor In 2013. The pair broke up for the first time the following year. They decided to give things another shot in 2016. They parted ways briefly in 2019 but revived things once more that year. During one of the episodes, he gave the model a special shout out Show live In May 2020.

“I just want to say goodbye to Shayna for her third birthday,” he said. “It simply came to our notice then. So we got together, break up, got together, break up. It’s No. 3 to stay together. So we are celebrating too. ”

The couple broke up for the third time in early 2020 after dating for more than seven years.

A spokesman for Ryan said: “Ryan and Shayna have recently decided to end their romantic relationship. Our weekly In June 2020. “They are good friends, great supporters of each other and will always cherish their time together as a couple.”

Even then, the talk show presenter did not give up in love. He was seen with the model Aubrey Paige Petcosky During Memorial Day Weekend, May 2021. An insider reported Nearby In February 2022 the pair “must have gotten closer” and could move on to an engagement.

“Aubrey may be the one who surprises us all and finally gets that elusive offer from Ryan,” the source added.

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