Rare family photos over the years

To the founder of Motown, family means the world Berry Gordy! For more than six decades, she has helped some of the biggest artists start their careers under her successful labels while maintaining the balance of paternity. The Kennedy Center Honors recipient is the father of eight children and several talented grandchildren, with whom he has come out for rare appearances year after year.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductive first father in 1954 when he welcomed his eldest daughter, Hazel Joy Gordy, With then-wife Thelma Coleman. The couple welcomes two more children together, Berry Gordy IV And Terry James Gordy, During their marriage. The couple separated in 1959, just as Berry’s career began with the help of longtime friends and colleagues. Smoky Robinson.

“Motown was like a fairy tale that came true,” the record producer said Billboards In June 2017. … “It has allowed people to experiment creatively and give them the courage not to be afraid to make mistakes. And that’s the process we love, unity, friendship and honest competition. It helped keep everyone excited and was topped by our love and respect for each other – and fun. We always had fun in Motown. “

During their second marriage to singer Renoma Singleton, from 1960 to 1964, the couple welcomed a son. Kerry Gordy. He also accepted the boy Kennedy William Gordy With in 1964 Margaret Norton And daughter Sherry Gordy With Gina Jackson In the early 60’s.

After a long friendship with the Motown artist Diana Ross, The connection of this pair later turned into a relationship. Their daughter Rhonda RossBorn in 1971. The music icon became a father for the eighth time when he and the producer Nancy Leviska Welcoming their son, Stefan Kendall “Redfu” Gordy.

Rhonda and Redfu both went on to establish their own music careers after growing up with one of the most influential people in the music industry as their father. The “Party Rock Anthem” singer recalls spending time with the best musicians throughout his childhood. Rolling stone Interview in June 2015.

“I went to my dad’s party at his house, and everyone was at the after-party,” he said. “I remember the main guy was Michael Jackson: I was so tired, and he took me inside. Everyone was hanging out and partying, and I just went to sleep. He and my mom were right there and they were just talking.”

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