Rare outing with Rebecca Gehart’s daughter: Photo

Rebecca Gehart On April 12, Beverly Hills went out for a rare appearance with her eldest daughter, Billy Beatrice Dane. The mother-daughter pair seemed to be having a great time together after enjoying breakfast together.

Rebecca, 50, wore a flow heel bob dress with sandals and carried a brown Meli Bianco purse during the outing. Her daughter has chosen a t-shirt with flared jeans and a leopard print fanny pack. They both adorned their outfits with sunglasses and plain necklaces.

This is the second outing with Broadway talent delivery, 12, in recent months. In March 2022, the pair held hands while attending a workout class. They both wore blue workout sets and matching black sneakers while walking in Los Angeles. Rebecca also shared a photo on Instagram in April 2022 in which she said she was “very grateful” for going on a girls trip with her two daughters.

The Loving Elam shares with daughter Billy and Georgia Geraldine Dane Eric Dan. The model applied for divorce from Gray’s physiology Actor in February 2018, but it has not been finalized yet. The couple, who married in 2004, became first parents when they welcomed Billy in 2010. The following year their youngest daughter was born.

Although they are no longer romantically involved, Rebecca and Eric, 49, are always united in deciding what is best for their daughters.

“My ex Eric and I, we are friends and we are doing our best to maintain and maintain a family even though we are not married,” said a local Kentucky resident. People In July 2019. “Legally we are still married, but separated. And I think we’re doing a pretty good job of it. Life is just good. A lot of exciting things are happening. ”

Rebecca also shared that her daughters could follow in the footsteps of both her and Eric in the future in building a Hollywood career. Billy and Georgia have already been bitten by acting bugs!

“They like to sing, dance and act and play the piano, but we’re pushing, ‘Take your education, and we’ll deal with it later,'” he explained.

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