Real canceled out after eight seasons in daytime delivery

Co-host Lonely gain And Garcelle Beauvais documented the unfortunate news by sharing cancellation posts on their respective social media pages.

In the end, Original Its cast and crew did everything in their power to bring down the showdown, Love wrote in his post, citing a specific global epidemic:

“We’ve shot 7-8 shows in 3 days, no audience. We’ve turned a conference room into a studio, but in my opinion, Covid’s cost is over the show.”
It was a great ride, and thanks to viewers for eight great seasons! He mentions the success of the show over the years at Emis.

Meanwhile, in a tweet, Beauvais wrote about the withdrawal of the show:
It’s a fun trip !! However, first, I have to work with a beautiful lady and staff.

The actress, a full-time cast member of Beverly Hills Real Housewives, added three prayer emojis.
Hosts Adrian Baylon Houghton and Jenny My Jenkins have not yet commented on evolution.
Real was created in 2013 with two additional stars: Tamar Braxton and Tamera Mowry.
Three daytime Emmy wins during the show.

According to Variety, the first three seasons of the series had pre-recorded episodes but have been switched to season 4 live broadcasts to increase the fan base.
In May 2016, two seasons later, Braxton said he was leaving the talk show, citing his desire to “concentrate on his solo career.”

She was replaced by actress and comedian Amanda Seals, who joined the cast during Season 6 in January 2020.
The following June, the 40-year-old left the show, saying he was “told not to talk about anything that my people thought was a hoax.”

In July of that year, Mowry-Housley and Daytime announced their departure from the talk show.
Beauvais later replaced her, who joined the cast as a permanent co-host in August 2020.
The Ellen DeGeneres Show and The Jenny Jones Show were followed by Warner Bros. ‘s longest running syndicated daytime talk show, the previous one ending on May 26.

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