Reggie considers removing the special section created for Bruce Willis

The 2022 Razzies had a specific category dedicated this year Bruce Willis .

Bruce Willis’ The girl announced via Instagram yesterday Her father is retiring from the profession Due to the recent diagnosis of aphasia. The disease, which can impair the ability to communicate verbally and in writing, directly prevents Willis from continuing to work. The interpreter has recently signed on to some of the best titles in film history Late 80’s and early 2000’s . However, as the years went by, his Star Trail became thinner towards productions that went directly to the domestic market. For this reason, the Razzies Prize, commonly known as the Anti-Oscar, creates a specific category, “ Bruce Willis’ worst performance in a 2021 film “ . “An honor” that they are now considering withdrawing due to their departure from the industry.

Already, these opposing prizes for gold statues are generally controversial; This time, they didn’t have much luck With department announcement . An unfortunate organization has been rejected by a section of the people. So the organizers have hinted at talking to the underwear Willis is considering various options to respond to the family’s statement.

Earlier, however, Razira got into some trouble, posting a tweet about the actor’s retirement which read: “Razira is really sorry for the condition Bruce Willis has been diagnosed with. Perhaps that explains why he wanted to come out so hard in 2021 – good luck to Bruce and his family. “In response, Vicente d’Onfrio (full) Metal jacket , Daredevil ) Has completely rejected, although the actor has already deleted the tweet: “It’s very disrespectful. I respectfully hope that one day you will learn and improve.”

After hundreds of negative reactions about how unnecessary it was to highlight the matching section, the last thing we learned was that the company contacted Indiewire, making it clear that they were working on various options to respond to the release. Bruce Willis retires.

Without writing a Twitter account, no one would actually insist on creating a section Such an unfortunate text . However, Willis was not particularly impressed by Regid’s words, Unfairly throughout his career, the industry never took him seriously.

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