RHOBH Conflict! Erica Jane confronts Lisa about alleged alcohol and pill use

Be careful because this diamond cuts deep! The real housewife of Beverly Hills The Season 12 trailer has just dropped, confirming that Radar I said – Erica JaneHis drinking and alleged use of pills is a hot topic of conversation, and he has been confronted by his closest customer. Lisa Rina.

In the nearly three-minute clip that was dropped on Thursday, fans get a glimpse of Erica’s behavior that worries 90210 women. As Radar reported exclusively, the girls were worried that the troubled star might take her curricular activities too far during a trip to Aspen, Colorado.

Rina addressed the issue with the group at a coffee shop – minus Erica – but the producers were forced to stop filming because the singer was not there to defend herself as a housewife.

Mega; Good boy

The trailer cuts through several instances throughout the season where Erica admits that “she’s on fire” and at one point, she even falls while Rina tries to hold him to her feet.

“Take your anti-depressants or you drink, but you can’t do both,” Rina tells Erica, claiming she’s gripping herself.

When the radar is told that Rina has moved away from allegations of Erica’s drunken behavior in Aspen, Garcel Beauvais He is also seen confronting the star with his drinking.

“The last time I saw you, you were a little tipsy,” he said during a dinner with Erica, to which he responded by drinking water.

Erica’s alleged cost problems aren’t the only reason she’s under a microscope. The brand new trailer also reveals that she continues to fight against her co-stars for allegedly embezzling money from her husband orphans and widows.

At one point, he was seen leaving Crystal Minkoff About the ordeal

“You want to be by the side of the victims because you think it’s great. What I’m telling you is, ‘I don’t donate – about anyone but me,’ “Erica yells. The camera then pans. Kyle Richards And Sutton streakThose who utter these words drop their jaws as soon as they come out of his mouth.

The clip shows Erica Crystal clashing with on-screen BFF.

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“Is it to make Erica look bad or is it out of real concern?” The singer asks Garsell about the stone-cold look. The longtime Hollywood actress returned leaving her custom in her place.

“Erica, I don’t have to make you look bad, you can do it yourself,” Garcel replied calmly.

Of course, Erica’s problems with alcohol and so-called pills aren’t the only difficult ones. The upcoming season is full of troubles, including the death of Rinner’s mother. Dorit KemsleyHer horrible house robbery, and Kyle is arguing with his older sister, Kathy Hilton.

RHOBH Season 12 will air May 11.

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