RHONY star Ramona Singer has come under fire after appearing in a Mar-A-Lago video.

The real housewife in New York Star and outspoken Donald Trump Supporter Ramona singer A video from Mar-a-Lago shows the reality TV star with Donald on the dance floor and Melania Trump Just behind them.


Democratic Defense Attorney Ron Filippkowski A Video on Twitter Late Friday night at a recent party held in Mar-a-Lago, the former president’s favorite hangout.

The video was posted with the caption: “Last night a melania was seen on the dance floor in Mar-a-Lago.”

The former First Lady rarely attended parties with Trump since they left the White House, but she did not draw their attention to the Twittersphere.

In the middle of the video, two women are seen licking their lips and dancing with Donald. BRAVO was quick to point out the audience RHONY Starring Ramona Singer as two dancers.

One commented on the video, “Is that Ramona Singer (the girl on the left is dancing)? It looks like her and sounds like her. I know he’s a Trump supporter but he’s hanging out in Mar Mar Lago? Curse. “

Another comment confirmed, “Of course. Money can’t buy you a class.”


The singer was a staunch supporter of the former president of the United States who returned to office in 2020.

Back when the competition between Trump and the current president Joe Biden Still angry, the singer sang a country music song with two other women in a viral video, announcing that only “real women would vote for Trump.”

In addition to the message not being very subtly transphobic, the video has received a lot of criticism from BRAVO viewers and some have even called for the reality TV star to be pulled out of his massive success. Housewife Display

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RHONY’s Heather Thomson claims she saw co-star Ramona Singer make racist remarks, condemning Bravo for portraying women badly.


Controversial reality star Bravo has been rumored to be appearing in a spin-off series in recent days. The Real Housewife of New York: Inheritance But his Housewife Co-star Luan de Lesseps He said he would be “surprised” if the singer was not asked to be part of the show.

Bravo fans call for Ramona singer to be dropped after RHOSLC star Jenny Nguyen fired for racist remarks

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