Richard Linklater says he is still waiting for a paycheck for ‘Dazed End’

By Rachel West.

2 minutes ago

Nearly 30 years after his nostalgic high school throwback flick, “Dazed and Confused,” writer and director Richard Linklater says he has yet to make any money from the movie.

The 1993 film about the last days of high school in 1976 was considered a cult classic and was widely acclaimed for introducing Matthew McConnell to the audience. At the time of its release, the low-budget indie was a critical hit, starring in several festivals, including the Toronto International Film Festival. Despite being made for 7 million, five-time Oscar nominee Linklater says he has not yet received any money to make the film.

“Where’s my money? How does the 12 12 million interest come against a কম 7 million movie?” Daily Beast, Celebrating the upcoming 30th anniversary of the film. When asked to clarify if he made any money from the movie, Linkletter replied with an “F *** no”.

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When asked why he didn’t get any money from popular movies for almost three decades, Linkletter suggested, “I don’t know. Ask Universal! Hollywood Accounting. “

“Everyone has their first story of getting worse with their first project. That film was an indie success. It’s made more than it costs theatrically, and over the years it has been everywhere, “said the director before sunrise.” It’s a clich about it, but I went through the Hollywood experience. “

Looking back on his journey, the director admits that “Dazed and Confused” is less likely to be made now.

“Here I am complaining but they have given the green light to the film, and they will not give the green light to the film today,” he recalls. “Unknown cast? When period film doesn’t happen much, go around? A film of Sundance? I don’t think there’s a pitch for that movie today, so I’m very blessed to be sitting here at a time when the studios were running, hey, we’ll do this and that and then change some champs. I’m still grateful that I made the film the way I wanted it to be. “

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