Rick del Valle Hackford, Helen Miron’s half-son, dies at 52

By Brent Fordick.

5 minutes ago

Rio del Valle Hackford, son of director Taylor Hackford and step-son of Helen Miron, has died at the age of 52.

His brother Alex Hackford confirmed the matter Diversity That Hackford died Thursday, April 13 after an illness.

Hackford is owned by Alternative Rock Club One-I-Jacks in New Orleans, where he owned the Paul’s Lounge as well as Homestead in San Francisco and Monti in Los Angeles.

Hackford has also appeared in a number of films and TV series, including a recent role in Droid IG-11 (character voiced by Taika Waititi) in “The Mandalarian” and a director in “Palm and Tommy”.

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Other on-screen appearances included “Pretty Woman” with a heroin addict, “Strange Days” with a bartender and “Swingers” with Scully, Vince Vaughan and John Favreau stars. She played Toby in HBO’s “Trem”.

Hackford’s friend, screenwriter Divine Divinescentis, paid tribute in an Instagram post.

“Not obsessed with movies and how they mirrored and compelled, he was more: a superfan of countless scenes, special gestures of incongruous actors, strange twists of career, roaring comebacks, songs of movie swans,” writes Devinsentis.

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